10 New Blog Writing Tips to Instantly Improve Your Content Marketing

10 Ways to Enhance your Blog Writing Instantly. VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto.

Instant Blog Writing Tips for Your Business

Are you writing blogs and looking for blog writing tips or blog writing ideas? It is no secret that more and more people have blogs- whether it be for their business or for personal use. Everyone has one! 

However, just because everyone has a blog does not mean their blog writing skills are flawless. If you’re looking to improve your blog articles and blog writing format, here are 10 helpful blog writing tips that will enhance your writing instantly!

1. Start Off With a Question

Use Questions as A Sentence Starter. VPDM Digital Marketing. NIagara

Many writers know that starting an article with a question is a great way to build up curiosity. However, the main key is starting an article with a question that makes the viewer answer “Yes.” 

Stick to generic and easy-to-relate-to question starters to make sure your viewers are responding with a “yes” every time. This method works because it makes the viewers feel like you understand them.

Therefore, the more “yes” answers you receive, the more convinced the viewers are.


2. Double Tap the “Enter” Button

Properly Space out your Blog Using the Enter Button. VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto

As we all know, double tapping the “Enter” button creates white space. Just like any designer, photographer, or artist – white space is used to create emphasis, attention, and has the ability to create a focal point. 

Use white space to your advantage. Hit the “Enter” button every 2-3 sentences. This doesn’t just build emphasis but it also makes it easier on the eyes for the viewers. 

Pretend you’re the viewer – would you read a blog article with massive paragraphs and lots of text? No. That is why effective spacing is important and should be practiced often.


3. Bold Important Points

The important of bolding text to create emphasis. VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto

Bolding important points will direct viewers to the information you want them to take away from the article.

It creates emphasis and makes sure viewers know all the important points. This bolding method is great for all our skim-through readers out there.

Bolding also has the ability to trick your subconscious – when text is bold you immediately think: Something’s different, let’s focus in on it!  


4. Use Bullet Points to Isolate Key Points

Use bullet points in blog to isolate important text. vpdm digital marketing. toronto

Speaking of skim-through readers, here’s another valuable method you should put in to practice. 

The whole point of the internet is to create convenience. Nowadays, everyone is impatient. Therefore, bullet points are key. 

Bullet points help simplify the article, making it easier for all viewers. Just like bolding, it too creates emphasis and directs the viewer right to the point.


5. “Imagine”, “Picture This” – Sentence Starters

Use words like Imagine This as sentence starters. vpdm digital marketing. niagara

These sentence starters are known as “triggers.” This isn’t a new thing, many writers use this method and it works!

It lets viewers know that you are about to tell a story, take them on a journey, or even paint a picture for them.

This builds a sense of anticipation and curiosity. We as human-beings are driven by curiosity.

This technique is used in not just blog writing but also in media such as movies and TV shows. It’ll keep you engaged in just about anything!


6. Use the Word “Because” Often

Use Because Often in Blog Writing. vpdm digital marketing. Toronto

Just like the previous technique, “because” is another trigger word. Again, it builds curiosity and anticipation just like the sentence starters we mentioned above.

An interesting fact about the word “because” is that it is effective in-person and also on-paper.

The effectiveness is still there no matter what and because of that, this trigger word is an easy way to build engagement and enhance writing on all mediums.


7. Use Active Voice 

Use Active Voice in Written Work. VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto

Using passive voice in writing is a definite NO – in some cases. A lot of writers tend to get used to writing this way and struggle to get out of that funk.

Switching passive voice to active voice is quite simple and can be done well without much effort. Here’s an example:

  • Active: My dog broke the world record!
  • Passive: The world record was broken by my dog!

Active voice makes you sound more confident. It makes the overall sentence stronger.

A quick fix to converting passive voice in to active voice is replacing the word “by.” The word “by” tends to come hand-in-hand when it comes to passive writing. 


8. Write in Second Person

Enhance your writing with second person writing. vpdm digital marketing. toronto

Writing in second person is the most engaging method. This, again, isn’t a new technique in the writing world but many forget the power it has.

Using pronouns like “you,” “your,” and “yours” makes the article more personal and easier to relate to. This naturally makes the reader put themselves in to the story, article, or written piece.

They envision themselves in the story and that is the type of engagement you want to achieve!


9. Use Less Adverbs

Replace adverbs with verbs when blog writing. vpdm digital marketing. toronto

Removing adverbs is another way to add a bit of punch to your writing. Replacing adverbs with a single strong verb makes the sentence stronger and much more confident.

For example, replace the sentence: “he is very happy” to “he is gleeful.” Another example: “adverbs are very good at ruining your sentences” to “adverbs destroy riveting sentences.” 

See the difference? One sentence has more punch, while the other is… meh.


10. Test Your Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action Buttons can improve your Blog. VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto

Before you publish your next blog, check out your Call-to-Action. You want it to be compelling, attention-grabbing, bold, and visible!

The Call-to-Action is how every blogger or writer should end an article. It tells the reader what to do next or for a lack of a better word, what you want them to do next.

Example: if you’re a travel agent, you don’t want a boring Call-to-Action like: “Contact us Today!” You want something exciting like, “Contact us and let the adventures begin!” Doesn’t that sound more intriguing? 


The Wrap

Did these tips help you enhance your writing skills? If not, we can personally help!

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