13 Lucky Website User Experience Tips to Win the #UX Game

Website User Experience Tips and Tricks. A checklist from VPDM Digital Marketing and SEO.

User Experience Tips and Tricks to Rock Your User’s Experience on Your Businesses Website

Did you know that an overwhelming majority of websites today fail at User Experience (UX). Here’s to hoping your doesn’t fall into that category.

That’s why we created this informative infographic that quickly details some very interesting website user experience tips and tricks that you can utilize today. 

If you operate an ecommerce website, or any business for that matter, your website UX can dramatically affect your SEO, negatively. That’s right, UX is a vital part of any website optimization strategy.

Poor UX Increases Bounce Rate. VPDM Digital Marketing & SEO Toronto Niagara.

Poor UX can cause nasty increases in your website’s bounce rate, which clearly decreases the time a user spends on your website and the number of pages they click through to visit.

Google’s quality search algorithm is well prepared to pay close attention to the above SEO metrics when it’s determining site quality and relevance for search rankings. A website with a poor UX, can easily lose search rankings to their competitors for targeted keywords.

And no business owner wants that!

Your Website User Experience Checklist

If you’re not yet convinced how important user experience is for your website design, I’ll ask you to consider the following 3 UX tips and tricks, and then suggest you check out the other 10 UX tips in the infographic.

1. Users Are Superficial: Looks Matter!

  • 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.

2. Excellent UX Returns Excellent ROI

  • Every $1 that is invested in website user experience returns up to $100 in revenue. 

3. Clear Cut Navigation/User Streaming

  • Users will 50% of the time use your website’s main menu/navigation to orient themselves on your site. Be sure your main navigation menu is created with the user in mind first.

See the infographic for the other 10 website user experience tips!

User experience (UX) tips and tricks for web design. VPDM Digital Marketing & SEO Toronto Niagara.
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