5 Ways To Alienate and Infuriate Your Fans and Followers

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Social Media Fans and Followers: It’s So Easy To Lose Their Valuable Loyalty

Building a following — a fanbase of social media fans and followers — isn’t easy. It takes time; countless hours of thinking of best practices, researching what your target audience consumes most, and meticulously studying analytics to understand literally everything about how your content is doing…

…even if it’s not going so well…

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Social media marketing is investment, and it could be a while before you see any pay off (especially if you’re starting from scratch).

Of course, over time, you may develop bad habits like overloading your posts with hashtags and widgets, overcompensating for inactivity and posting distorted images. Such habits are detrimental to your social media marketing strategy.

Check out this chart which displays which poor social media marketing habits rank the worst:

An infographic detailing which social media activities will lead to unfollows

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5 Fool-Proof Ways To Lose You Fans & Followers

1. Spam Your Audience As Much As Possible

An excellent way to infuriate your audience is by sending those newsletters or white papers, like clockwork, every day. The same goes with any kind of ad — TV, Radio, newspaper/magazine — the more you see it, the less you want to engage and convert. And the same goes for social media marketing, and social media advertising (here’s 9 tips for effective social media advertising).

So, how often is too often to share with your audience?

For social media marketers, a good rule of thumb (if you’re testing the water for which social networks to use) is to post about twice a day on Facebook, three on Google+, tweet three times a day on Twitter and five post a day on Pinterest. It’s a game of trying out what types content works, what times to post, and the frequency. Every audience is different.

“We want to connect with followers without driving them away. We aim for the perfect balance of sharing and listening. I end up guessing a lot, trying and testing new variations on how often I should post.” — Kevan Lee, Content Crafter at Buffer.

An infographic detailing information on how often to post to social media

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2. Make Sure Your Content Is Repetitive

Let’s face it — nobody likes reruns (unless it’s reruns of Who’s The Boss?, obviously). But, when posting content, a tried-and-tested way to aggravate your audience is to give them the same type of post over and over. 

It’s paramount to stay connected to your fans and followers over social media, and posting is a key way to achieve this, but telling them the same thing repetitively can lead them to click the unfollow button fast. Provide them with new messages — diversify!

Now, in the same token, it is essential that you post a piece of content more than once. For instance, a blog. When you first put that blog out there, it should initially gain great traction and die off over time. Keep the tread on those tires hot. Even though audience engagement will decrease the second and third times you post, it will still prove to be worthwhile content.

Check out this chart social media marketing expert Tomasz Tunguz put together following his study on Twitter retweets.

An infographic on the detriment of repetitive social media content

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3. Don’t Say Anything Relevant

Oh, this is a great way to drive away your fans and followers! Just post content that doesn’t, in any way, relate to your business. Post content that is completely left field.

If you’re managing your business’s Facebook page, don’t manage it like your own personal page. No one who’s looking for tips and tricks on massage therapy is going to care that your favourite band is Queen.

Check out this list of top 9 mistakes that make your Facebook fans unlike you.

You’re here to deliver value to your fans and followers, and that requires you to deliver quality, relevant content that represents your brand.

An infographic detailing the detriment of posting irrelevant social media content

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4. Post E-Books and White Papers, Not Images and Videos

We all live a mile a minute. It’s difficult for us to sit down and give something our full attention, so we love easy-to-digest content, chock full of engaging, relevant images and video.

Long-winded white papers, e-books and even case studies are losing the edge they might have once had.

Case in point: WestJet’s viral success with “WestJet Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving

Here you can see the impact this campaign had on its social media audience.

Westjet's mentions on social media due to xmas viral campaign

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5. Don’t Engage Your Fans and Followers

If your goal, by utilizing social media marketing, is to not convert your audience, then don’t engage with them!

Pulling the blinds down over your social media followers is a  great way to lose them

Engagement can lead to conversions. The more people they spread your message to, the more fans and followers, and, thus, the more likely to see some serious conversions.  

The fact is: they want to engage with you, they want to chat with you. If you don’t reciprocate and chat back, they will find someone who will, and that’s not good business.

Here are some valuable tactics on social media engagement that will help to not only wrangle up those fans and followers, but convert them.

The Deconstruct

Social media marketing is a finicky thing. It takes time and a vast amount of patience to discover the tactic which can truly make your brand stand out.

The 5 key components to remember:

  1. Don’t inundate your audience with vast amounts of content

2. Provide your audience with diversified content

3. Ensure your content is relevant

4. Use images and video as often as possible

5. Engage with your audience

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