Another Prince Lawsuit Filed For $22m Against 22 Fans

Time for a new Prince Lawsuit!Time For a New Prince Lawsuit!

Prince is at it again. He’s raging against the Internet for what seems to be like the gazzillionth time on his “copyright warpath”.

This time, the Prince lawsuit targets 22 individual Facebook users for $1 million each! It’s quite possible that these 22 people could pretty much be some of his most dedicated fans.

That’s the thing about the Prince, who by the way is the artist formally known as Prince. If you’re a fan, Prince Rogers Nelson wants you to pay for every single note up to the very last second of any performance – live or recorded – or else!

Full disclosure here: I love Prince and always have. I consider myself to be a fan. Have only had the opportunity to see him once – 11th row floors at Maple Leaf Gardens on the “Love Sexy” Tour, October 5, 1988 – and still say that his Super Bowl performance in 2007 is one of the Top 3 best Super Bowl halftime performances ever.


$22m Live Concert Privacy Lawsuit

So what’s Prince freaking out about this time? He’s trying to nail fans who found and posted links to his live shows on Facebook and Blogs. There are still 20 of the 22 individuals who are yet to identified and all face Prince’s damage claim of $22 million.

TorrentFreak, who broke this story and has a copy of some of the claim, says:

“Filed in the United States District Court in the Northern District of California, the lawsuit targets 22 individuals, only two of which are referenced by their real names. The others remain ‘Does’ although eight are indicated by their online nicknames.

Sadly, with names such as PurpleHouse2, PurpleKissTwo and NPRUNIVERSE it’s difficult to see these people as anything other than Prince fans. But it is Doe 8 – THEULTIMATEBOOTLEGEXPERIENCE – that gives the clearest indication of what this lawsuit is all about.”

prince lawsuit claim and names

It amazes me how Prince reacts to and deals with so called “internet piracy”. That seem so 2004. This artist we call a musical genius just doesn’t get the internet. Or maybe I just don’t get him anymore.

In fact, according to Forbes, Canadian research has proved that dropping Digital Rights Management (DRM) on music has actually increased sales!

I’m not sure how much luck Prince will have with this ridiculous lawsuit. If you remember he hasn’t been successful with his many copyright lawsuits. In 2007 he tried to sue The Pirate Bay and that just went nowhere.

My guess is this latest war on fans sharing his music will be headed down the same road.

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