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Jordan is a Digital Content Coordinator for VPDM. He writes blogs, manages social media content, and ensures your brand reaches your target audience.

A woman is punching a man, angry about losing her social media followers

5 Ways To Alienate and Infuriate Your Fans and Followers

Social Media Fans and Followers: It’s So Easy To Lose Their Valuable Loyalty Building a following — a fanbase of social media fans and followers — isn’t easy. It takes time; countless hours of thinking of best practices, researching what your target audience consumes most, and meticulously studying analytics to understand literally everything about how your content

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9 Creative social media marketing ideas. Social Advertising Company Toronto, St. Catharines, Niagara VPDM

Top 9 Secrets To Rock Social Media Advertising Like a Pro

  Social Media Advertising: Crash Course Does your business have a social media marketing strategy? Does your digital marketing and social media agency need new creative social media marketing ideas? Social media advertising has, in recent years, blown up, and corporations, large and small, have taken notice. Studies show that average spending on social media advertising

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