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Kaila’s grown up in a world where Google is a verb, a tweet isn’t just a noise, and information is always a click away. As a graduate of Brock University’s Communications and Media Studies program, she’s spent countless hours scrolling through social media, and mastering the art of creating quality content for a variety of clients.When Kaila’s not thinking up a new hashtag, or posting pictures on Instagram, you can find her riding horses, baking cinnamon buns, or watching Downton Abbey.

Facebook Custom Audiences Email Marketing

Pinpoint Facebook Custom Audiences with Email Marketing

Do you have a huge email database of consumers interested in your product? Chances are you do, and we are going to show you how to use that email database to target customers through Facebook advertising. Combining Facebook custom audiences with email marketing is simple, easy, and it’s a great way to market your product. How to Combine

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Periscope App Marketing VPDM

5 Reasons Your Brand Needs A Periscope Marketing Strategy

It is no secret that great video content will spread across social media like wildfire.  After all, who hasn’t seen Charlie Bit My Finger, or Sneezing Panda? For years, brands have been utilizing the power of video to launch new products, and revolutionize the old ones.  Until recently, they’ve been doing so on the tried

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Engaging Social Media Post - VPDM

How To Create Engaging Social Media Posts The Easy Way

Engaging Social Media Posts Aren’t Easy To Create As social media marketers, we’ve all been there. It is time to schedule a post, and your mind draws a blank. How do I make this post engaging? How do I make it click worthy? Am I using proper grammar? We know the feeling, and it’s a

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