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Matt’s been thinking about creating awesome social media content ever since MSN Messenger added the “away status” feature, but it took him a while longer to realize he could make a career out of it. After graduating from Brock University, he enrolled in Niagara College’s Public Relations & Communications program, where after graduating, he managed social media accounts for a host of small businesses, organizations and personalities from Niagara to the GTA. Today, Matt continues to combine his creative and technical abilities as a Social Marketing Coordinator for VPDM Digital Marketing. When he’s not online, you’ll find Matt either watching sports, in the gym, or whipping up something new in the kitchen.

Make Your Email Marketing List a Home Run

If digital marketing was baseball, social media would be a solid single, search marketing would be a double, but email marketing is a major home run. Plenty of research indicates that email marketing is the most effective driver of online sales, with the highest conversion rate by far. But you aren’t going to be able

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Mobile Marketing Statistics What They really mean

6 Mobile Marketing Statistics (And What They Really Mean)

“Numbers never lie” is the mantra every digital marketer should live by. Making a decision without checking the data is a big no-no. With the explosion of mobile phone use in the last decade, marketers need to know the way the industry is heading, and how they can harness the power of the mobile phone

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digital content strategy with VPDM Digital Niagara

‘Truffle Pig’ Means Media Companies are Betting Big on Digital Content Strategy

Digital Content Strategy with Snapchat and Other Media Companies If you didn’t already realize that digital content marketing is the future, here’s some more proof – some big names in the media world are joining up to start their own digital content production agency. Communications firm WPP, English newspaper Daily Mail and social media platform

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