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Sarah recently completed MA in English and has many digital marketing skills. Ask her what they are! She's currently using her digital tactics at VPDM Digital Marketing where she is interning as a Social Marketing Coordinator.

How to find Snapchat friends VPDM Digital Marketing SEO Toronto

How Snapchat Made It Easier to Add and Find Friends

Do you want an easier way to find Snapchat friends, add friends or follow new people on one of the world’s most popular social platforms? Well, previously on Snapchat you can add friends via usernames, contacts, using customizable “Snapcodes”, or through the “Add Nearby” function. Now Snapchat has created a new feature that will make

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Manage multiple instagram accounts. VPDM. Toronto.

How Anyone Can Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Is It Possible To Have Two Instagram Accounts? As a business owner, social media manager, or content marketing expert, I’m betting you’ve asked yourself: “is it possible to have two Instagram accounts?” Well, the time has finally arrived—it is now possible for anyone to manage multiple Instagram accounts. This is a brand new feature following the release of

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