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After starting a few cutting-edge projects and launching an award nominated blog as a student, Shauna moved to the Niagara Region and began working as a social media coordinator at VPDM. With a Communications and History degree from the University of Ottawa (oui, elle parle francais aussi), Shauna has created successful online campaigns for everything from music festivals to national conferences to tech equipment. She does occasionally leave the comfort of her computer to help out at the farm or sell vegetables at the Beamsville Farmers Market...but hey, that's what smart phones are for!

Google Local Business Listings Changing VPDM Digital Marketing St.Catharines

It’s Time to Check Your Google Local Business Listing

Your Google local business listing might look a little different these days, thanks to a major update to Google Local. If you haven’t been paying attention to Google’s local business listings, it may be time to start.  Big Changes to Google’s Local Business Listings Here’s a quick rundown of the changes to Google’s local business listings: Street

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Social Media Skills Social Marketing Tips VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines 2015

The Most Important Social Media Skills To Build Today

Your Most Important Social Media Skills To Build Today If everyone has social media, doesn’t everyone have social media skills? I know, I know. We all wish that were true. In reality, social media and especially social media marketing isn’t quite so simple. Social media skills in the workplace require the employee using social media

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Google Mobile Friendly Ranking Factor

Yes, a Mobile-Friendly Website Affects Your Search Rankings

You have probably read the usual arguments for having a mobile-friendly website. You’ve been told that it helps more people to use your website, and that it keeps mobile users on your page longer. You know that it’s important to prepare your online persona for a world fueled by pocket-sized computers. But Now, Having A Mobile-Friendly Website

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