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Tara Hahl. Brock University Graduate. VPDM Digital Marketing Social Marketing Coordinator. Keeping clients up to date on the newest marketing trends. Balancing work while living, laughing and loving to the fullest - with a full glass of wine in one hand and iPhone in the other!

VPDM Digital Marketing Company Toronto.

Happy Holidays, From All of Us at VPDM Digital!

Holiday Greetings From Our Team VPDM Digital Marketing is a premier internet marketing and SEO agency, representing clients in Toronto, GTA, Hamilton, ST. Catharines, and Niagara, where we all strive to provide digital marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our strategy combines data-driven inbound content marketing, engaging social media marketing, and research- driven search engine

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Social Media Christmas Marketing Strategy. VPDM Digital Marketing.

Tips For Social Media Christmas Campaigns

How To Craft Awesome Social Media Christmas Campaigns As the holiday season is upon us all, it’s time to get into the Christmas (marketing) spirit! Now is the perfect time to map out your social media Christmas campaigns in order to boost sales and spread your holiday cheer to all customers. In order to drive the maximum

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Target The Right Audience. Facebook Lead Ads.

Why You Should be Using Facebook For Business

Most of us think of social media sites, such as Facebook as a way to connect with friends and family. What if you were told you could connect with a different type of audience when using Facebook for business? As most users can attest, social media sites have become a primary platform for advertising. For

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Never Market on Pinterest To Only Women Again

Introducing Pinterest For Men

Pinterest, the second largest search engine in the world (not owned by Google) has been highly criticized over the years for being a women’s social network. The platform has been dominated by pictures of weddings, crafts, healthy recipes and more. However, the dichotomy on Pinterest is changing. But why? Why Are Men Using Pinterest? With

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Marketing Through Social Media. VPDM Digital Marketing. Niagara Falls.

How to Market to Millennials on Snapchat

Using Social Media to Market to Millennials Snapchat is the fun messaging application for sharing moments. You can take photos, videos, add a caption or doodle, and send it to a friends or add it to your story to share with all of your friends. If you’re wondering how to market to millennials using Snapchat, it’s all about the

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Facebook Video Update. Floating Window. VPDM Digital Marketing St.Catharines.

Facebook Video Update Enhances User Video Experience

Time For Your Facebook Video Marketing Strategy With some announcements made recently, Facebook’s video experience is kicking it into high gear and ready to take on YouTube. Is your facebook video marketing strategy ready? YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, and obvious leader in video viewing, Facebook intends to have their new

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Facebook Moves Towards E-Commerce Shopping Application Easy Shop on Mobile Device Niagara Falls VPDM Digital Marketing

Facebook Moves Towards E-commerce

There is no denying that people spend most of their time online, or rather, on their mobile devices. Sure, people use the internet to connect and friend on various social networks, but they also connect with brands and discover new products whether they want to or not. Why Facebook Pushed For E-commerce Advertising has flooded

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Rebranding Your Business VPDM Digital Marketing Niagara Falls

The Importance of Re-branding Your Company

Re-branding Your Business When a company looks at their existing marketing materials (logos, messages, website, brochures, videos, etc.) they may wonder why some, maybe all of these components are in need of a revamp. In fact, sometimes the existing brand has been successful for years; it seems almost ridiculous to seek out change. So why

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