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Mobile Friendly Websites or Else Says Google. VPDM Digital Marketing Toronto, Niagara.

Mobile Friendly Websites Will Rank Higher in Mobile Searches

New Mobile Algorithm Makes Mobile Friendly Websites a Must The latest mobile algorithm update from Google makes this one fact absolutely clear. Google is dead serious about ranking mobile friendly websites much more favourably (read “higher”) in search results. If you remember Mobilegeddon from last year, you’ll already understand that mobile friendly websites are an official

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How to get Google Sitelinks. VPDM Digital Marketing Toronto SEO

5 Proven Tips on How to Get Google to Show Sitelinks in Search Results

5 Ways To Get Google Sitelinks and Increase Website Traffic Do you want to learn how to increase website traffic, specifically your businesses site traffic or your client’s? If you haven’t heard of Google Sitelinks or you’re asking yourself “what are Google Sitelinks”,  or how to get google to show Sitelinks in search results, well then this

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B2B Content Marketing Infographics VPDM SEO Toronto

13 Content Marketing Trends for 2016 [Infographic]

What The Best B2B Content Marketing Infographics Teach Us What are the biggest content marketing trends that will dominate 2016? How important is content marketing to SEO and overall website optimization? And by the way, where can i find b2b content marketing infographics? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, I believe we have something that will help

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New Trends in SEO for 2016. VPDM Digital Marketing & SEO Toronto

5 Essential Search Trends That Will Impact Online Revenue in 2016

The New Trends in SEO That Will Matter Most This Year What will search marketers need to focus on in the coming year to stay ahead of the curve What are the most important new trends in SEO that will impact your business revenue this year? Does your content marketing and social media advertising strategy support your

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Easy way to Get Your Website Indexed on Google. SEO Company Toronto and Niagara.

The Fastest Way to Get Your Website Indexed on Google

How to Get Your Site Indexed by Google…Fast When launching a new website for your business or for your client’s business one of your first concerns should be your site’s search rankings and your existing SEO strategy. Asking yourself, how do I get my website indexed by Google asap is a good start, but having

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website user experience best practices - vpdm digital marketing niagara hamilton GTA

Understanding How User Behavior Positively Affects Search Rankings

  User Behavior Data is Vital to Your SEO Strategy in 2016 How important are organic search rankings for your business? My guess is that organic rankings are a critical part of your overall website optimization and SEO strategy. With that in mind, let’s discuss the top website user experience best practices. Did you know that organic

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5 Holiday SEO Tips for Beginners

The 5 Essential Holiday SEO Tips For Beginners That Will Impress Your Boss

Best SEO Tips For This Holiday Season It’s Christmas time for bricks & mortar and online retailers. Literally and figuratively. The 2015 holiday season is upon us, which means holiday season shopping is ready to jump into high gear. So just for you, here are some secrets and other holiday SEO tips for beginners and

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Mobile Marketing Strategy and Trends for 2016. Local SEO is a Priority!

Google Says Step Up Your Mobile Marketing Game Or Else

Now more than ever, a mobile marketing strategy should be a vital part of any business’s digital marketing strategy moving into 2016. Google is paying attention to mobile marketing trends, this means you should too. Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016 Remember the times I’ve repeated that businesses and brands should look at Google as a “referral engine” and not

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local search optimization ranking factors

The Most Important Local Search Ranking Factors

What Local Search Optimization Looks Like This Year Smart Local SEO Experts whether in Niagara, Hamilton or Toronto and effectively anywhere in the world, will tell you that a solid local search optimization or Local SEO strategy is essential for any local business in a competitive environment. To me that means pretty much every local business – small,

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big changes to google local business listings

Google Completely F’s Up Local Business Listings For Some Local Businesses

Google Local Business Listings Shake Up Google has recently made some major changes to how it displays local business listings when a user makes a local business search. Digital marketers and their local business clients will see significant implications with desktop search, mobile search, and your local SEO strategy. Keep in mind that this recent

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