VPDM Digital Marketing. Snapchat Case Study.

VPDM Digital Marketing Case Study:
Snapchat Marketing



Caddle Inc. Founder and CEO Ransom Hawley and CMO Mick Higgins. Their professional connection came from their experience on both sides of the complex business of sales & marketing. Caddle helps users feel valued by brands, and help brands engage with consumers, a tool they would’ve found professionally beneficial.

The Caddle Inc. co-founders - Mick and Ransom.


Caddle Inc. is a 6-month old startup tech company who offers valuable customer behaviour data to their client’s (small/medium/large businesses in Canada), and essential money saving options to users.

The tech is delivered and consumed by users via a company website, iOS App, and Android App. VPDM Digital Marketing did not develop the Caddle.ca website or their App.


VPDM recommended Caddle test Snapchat in order to maximize their marketing efforts including branding, engaging existing users, and of course new user acquisition.

We recommended Snapchat simply because Caddle’s main target demographic for this campaign was Millennial women.


Our Snapchat campaign with Caddle was a 2-month test.

Beginning September 1, 2016, the first 4 weeks were spent on testing content (creative, copy, calls to action) and establishing our strategy.

We began tracking results of the strategy from October 4-27.


We backed up our claims with the following data:

  • 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old.
  • 45% of Snapchat users are aged between 18-24.
  • Roughly 70% of Snapchat users are female.
  • 30% of Millennial Internet Users use Snapchat regularly.
  • 77% of Female College students share selfies on Snapchat.


The goal was to develop and increase Caddle’s Snapchat following and Caddle user’s engagement on the new Snapchat channel.

We focused our conversion metrics on engagement only and not signups. In our experience, Snapchat is not used to “sell” users and potential customers.

Social media platforms like Snapchat can be better used strategically to generate demand as opposed to fulfilling demand.

We felt it would be best create content, specifically for Snapchat, that is native to the platform and will engage/entertain new users.

The long term plan for Snapchat fits nicely within our existing social media strategy for Caddle in that it will involve converting engaged Snapchat users to Caddle subscribers, as we’re currently doing on Facebook & Instagram, while meeting (and lowering) the Client’s targeted cost per acquisition (CPA).


Our idea was to utilize and optimize Snapchat’s new “Stories” feature to engage existing users and to drive new user sign-up’s.

VPDM’s social media marketing and advertising team is made up of a hip, young, digital savvy, Millennial women – who love to use Snapchat daily! The perfect social media team to promote Caddle!

Our social media community managers and graphic designers speak the same language and consume the same content as Caddle’s target demo. This makes our team a natural to deploy a successful social marketing strategy on this platform.

Our Snapchat team got to work quickly developing and branding the channel, creating content, and cross promoting the new Snapchat channel on Caddle’s other social media platforms.

Our team scheduled regular and random visits to the Caddle offices to shoot engaging behind the scenes footage to edit and share on Snapchat. We used this content on Snapchat but also repurposed the content for use on Instagram.

Examples Snapchat footage repurposed for Instagram include:

  • Teasers about upcoming offers and cash back opportunities
  • Q & A sessions with Mick and Ransom, engaging with their Snapchat audience
  • Live recordings of events attended by the Caddle team (VPDM was sure to include Geofilters for story viewers)


Caddle Snapchat. VPDM Digital Marketing Case Study.THE RESULTS



There has been a significant increase in Caddle’s Snapchat followers between October 4th and October 28th, the time period of our marketing campaign.

October 4th → 600 followers

October 28th → 1283 followers      

> Increase of +113%


Story Views

Over the course of the past month, the number of story views have increased (with the number of followers). Pre-October 10, the average number of views on a Snapchat Story was around the 150 mark. As of Oct 14, Caddle’s snapchat story reaches at the minimum, 240 views per story.

> Increase of +71%


VPDM has been managing Caddle’s social media marketing strategy since June 2016. This has allowed us to much better understand their Audience and to create a successful strategy for a new platform – Snapchat.

Over this time it has become clear what works best. It’s video!

Videos & Snapchat Stories work the best to keep users engaged. This type of content helps us to obtain a higher number of views throughout the whole Snapchat Story.

When simple photos are posted, there is a low click-through rate for that particular story. This is still good stuff, but shouldn’t be the focus of your Snapchat marketing strategy.

VPDM Digital Marketing Case Study Results Graph: Snapchat Marketing.




  • Behind the scenes video at the office is what works well and gets the most feedback. We recommend that Caddle shoot video for Snapchat on a daily basis, throughout the day and even after hours.
  • Engage all Snapchat followers by asking them questions in your Stories (posts). This tactic has proven help to increase engagement and to drive growth and acquisition.
  • Caddle’s ongoing strategy is to collaborate with current clients and other local businesses to bring value to their client’s and their users. We suggest “Snapchatting” the Caddle team visiting each of those local businesses.
  • Unboxing of anything! Users love to watch other users open a gift, an interesting piece of mail, or a new tech product. Creating this type of content can be a super successful way to promote your channel, your App, and if you “unbox” a feature client product, that’s extra value you can use to grow your business.
  • Measure and track all activity not only on Snapchat, but through your whole digital funnel. Look to answer questions like: did an increase in Snapchat engagement lead to spikes in App usage, App signups, or website traffic?
  • We recommend Snapchat be managed by Caddle’s in-house marketing team. We’re happy to continue, but it will be much more cost effective for the Client to handle production and posting of Snaps, in house.
  • We let the Caddle know that we are here to help them you through an ongoing Snapchat marketing strategy. Our team will continue our ongoing social media marketing, advertising, and content creation strategy using Facebook, Instagram, and writing content for the Caddle website blog.

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