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VPDM Digital: Weinkeller Case Study #2

From last to first, #1 on Trip Advisor, in 6 months!

JANUARY 1 – JULY 15, 2014

This is the second digital marketing and social media case study for VPDM Digital client, Weinkeller. Here we discuss the digital marketing for Weinkeller from January 1, 2014 to July 15, 2014. The first case study, which can be found here, is focused on the first 3 months of the strategy.


Weinkeller and Chris Dobson, Owner/Operator along with Chris Simone, General Manager.


After opening in September of 2013, Weinkeller was rated the #1 restaurant in Niagara Falls, as ranked on Trip Advisor, within 6 months of opening.

VPDM Digital put the word out using our content/search/social strategy, which brought diners to the restaurant.

The extremely talented, warm & welcoming Weinkeller staff, from the kitchen, the dining room, and behind the bar, earned the top rankings through their excellent service, and they continue to impress all who experience Weinkeller.


5633 Victoria Av, Niagara Falls, ON. One block East of Clifton Hill. Locally owned and Ontario grown.


VPDM began work crafting the Weinkeller digital marketing strategy in early 2013. We turned it over to Weinkeller management and internal staff in November 2013. In January 2014, VPDM was re-hired by Weinkeller to get back to work managing their digital marketing and website SEO. This case study focuses on the time period between January 1 to July 15, 2014. 


The client wanted to maintain the search engine rankings, content creation, and social media marketing that VPDM started during the restaurant’s first 3 months of business.

Also, the spring and summer is peak tourist season in Niagara Falls. Weinkeller’s management were proactive with their marketing and hired us to continue with our digital strategy so they could keep the edge in the highly competitive Niagara Falls dining market.

The Challenge

Use proven VPDM strategies to continue to build Weinkeller’s digital presence in order to maintain and boost exposure, increase social engagement (likes, comments, shares, clicks), continue to drive traffic to the website, and convert users with reservations made directly from the site.


VPDM’s content + search + social digital strategy was precisely what Weinkeller required to meet their marketing goals for 2014. We continued with a fully optimized content marketing strategy, which was tactfully integrated with our social media strategy.

Being an SEO focused agency, we ensured that all content was fully optimized for a variety of primary and secondary keywords, intermixed with a few long and short-tail related keywords and phrases.

All of Weinkeller’s social media was fully optimized as well using SMO (Social Media Optimization). Images were set to the maximum size for the best viewing experience, file names were optimized, as was the post content.

All social media posts that linked back to the website – be it a lading page, menu, photo gallery, or blog article, all lead to content that was fully optimized.

This helped Weinkeller maintain and increase their website traffic, social shares, social signals, and search engine optimization.

For more insight, here’s a look at the numbers…

Time Period: January 1, 2014 – July 15, 2014

Audience Overview

  • Website Visits (Sessions):            26,344
  • Unique Visits (Users):                  20,799
  • Pageviews:                                       114,210
  • Pages/Visit:                                     4.34
  • Average Time On Site:                  2:49
  • Bounce Rate:                                   23.82%
  • New Visits:                                       78.1%

Weinkeller is averaging almost 4500 visits each month, with almost 3500 being unique visits. You can see that the website users are viewing an average of 4 pages per visit and staying on the site for almost 3 minutes! How many websites do you spend 3 minutes on?

The low bounce rate of 24% shows that the website is attracting qualified users who stay on the site, and are able to find what they’re looking for.

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