Woman on beach with leather jacket smiling and using cell phone to take video. How to optimize Facebook live for business.

6 Simple Ways You Should Optimize Facebook Live for your Business

How to Optimize Live Stream Video on Facebook This year is the year for live stream video on Facebook. Facebook Live is a new, exciting, and extremely popular feature that can help you better connect with your audience.  But if you’re just figuring out how to live stream video on Facebook, the real work doesn’t end

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Marketing Through Snapchat: Why the Snapchat Influencer Network Can Boost Your Brand

Inside the World of Snapchat Influencers: How to Reach Them and Why You Should Care

How to Win Big With the Snapchat Influencer Network If you’re marketing to Gen Z’ers or Millennials and you’re not on Snapchat, you’re doing it wrong. Luckily, we’re here to help you learn how to reach the right Snapchat influencers in the Snapchat influencer network and start marketing through Snapchat the right way. Why Snapchat? If

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How to market on Pinterest and develop a social media strategy for business.

Pinning is Winning: How to Market on Pinterest

How to Market on Pinterest And Reach More Customers Pinterest is a world of ideas, from DIY projects to new fashion looks. That’s why learning how to market on Pinterest is essential for your business. Some digital marketers tend to stay away from marketing on Pinterest because they think it’s only used by stay at

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