Confessions of a Digital Marketer: Digital marketing tips and tricks from VPDM. Social Media and SEO company Niagara, Hamilton and Toronto.

Confessions of a Digital Marketer: Internet Marketing Tips You’d Never Expect

Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks From Our Experiences Not everything we learn in life can be found in the pages of a how-to manual. You could get the best advice or digital marketing tips and tricks from the top marketers in the business, but that can only get you so far. Every client is different.

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How to share a story on Facebook. VPDM Digital Marketing Agency Hamilton, St. Catharines, and Toronto.

Facebook Stories 101: How This New Feature Can Help Your Business

How To Share a Story On Facebook Remember how Instagram incorporated the stories feature from Snapchat? Now, the stories feature is being used on yet another platform! Ever ask yourself how to share a story on Facebook? That’s right. Facebook is introducing stories, too. But what are Facebook Stories and can i make a Facebook Story

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Bing SEO guide for optimizing your website for Bing search.

Bing SEO Tips: Your Guide to Optimizing for Bing Search

Bing SEO Guide: How to Optimize Your Site For Bing Search I bet you’re spending a lot of your time and marketing budget optimizing your website and content for Google’s Search Algorithm. You’ve likely never considered looking for a comprehensive Bing SEO guide. Am I right? If you are focused on Google search over Bing search, it

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The Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing. SEO Company and PPC Agency Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara.

Is Digital Marketing Worth it? The Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is Vital For Growing Your Business Where should you spend your marketing budget? Why digital marketing? It’s a tough dilemma for many small business owners and marketers. The difference between traditional and digital marketing is obvious, but it can be hard to figure out what you need for your business. Small businesses don’t have

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Want to Improve Your Email Open Rates? Here are 21 Things You Can Do

Want to Improve Your Email Open Rates? Here are 21 Things You Can Do

Did you know that email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel? That’s including social media and search! Even in 2017, when online trends seem to have a temporary lifespan, email marketing is still a major player in the game. Marketing through email can bring you a higher ROI, allows you to connect

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How to Emotionally Connect With Your Customers Through Social Media- how to connect with your customers

Social Media Marketing 101: How to Emotionally Connect With Customers

Have you ever seen Budweiser’s anti-drinking and driving commercial with the little golden retriever puppy who waits for his owner to come home? The owner goes out drinking, and he doesn’t return home because he’s been killed drinking and driving. The puppy just waits and waits. And our hearts are broken watching him. That, fellow

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The Classic Strategy: The advantages of Email Marketing

How Effective is Email Marketing in 2017? How it Can Help Your Business

Is Email Marketing Worth it? Email marketing is one of the most long-lasting marketing tactics that’s been used since the dawn of the Internet. But is email marketing still worth it now? It’s been a few decades since the internet became publicly available, but those years have seen a whirlwind of development that changes with

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Year in Review: 7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

The Digital Marketing Trends of 2016… And How Digital Marketers Can Use Them

7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 (That You Should Use in 2017) The new year always marks that time when we look back on the wins and the failures of the past year. For us, that means taking a look at the top digital marketing trends of 2016 and using them in our digital marketing strategies

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Here’s What You Don’t Know About Blog Writing Techniques

8 Important Blog Writing Techniques: Why You Need to Forget What You Learned in School

8 Blog Writing Techniques Every Digital Marketer Should Know Forget what your English teacher taught you. That’s right. Blog writing techniques are very different from the traditional writing techniques you were taught in school. So you’ve figured out the basic breakdown of a blog post. Now it’s time to sit down and start writing. But

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How to Pass the Google Analytics Certification Exam

The Google Analytics Certification Exam: Here’s Why it’s Worth it for Digital Marketers

Why All Digital Marketers Should Take the Google Analytics Certification Exam Google Analytics (GA) is one of, if not the, most valuable analytics tools to track website traffic. If you were to ask me what analytics tool I couldn’t live without for monitoring my digital marketing campaigns, GA would be my answer without hesitation. During

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