Here’s What You Don’t Know About Blog Writing Techniques

8 Important Blog Writing Techniques: Why You Need to Forget What You Learned in School

8 Blog Writing Techniques Every Digital Marketer Should Know Forget what your English teacher taught you. That’s right. Blog writing techniques are very different from the traditional writing techniques you were taught in school. So you’ve figured out the basic breakdown of a blog post. Now it’s time to sit down and start writing. But

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How to Pass the Google Analytics Certification Exam

The Google Analytics Certification Exam: Here’s Why it’s Worth it for Digital Marketers

Why All Digital Marketers Should Take the Google Analytics Certification Exam Google Analytics (GA) is one of, if not the, most valuable analytics tools to track website traffic. If you were to ask me what analytics tool I couldn’t live without for monitoring my digital marketing campaigns, GA would be my answer without hesitation. During

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How to Write a Blog: The Basics all Good Content Writers Know

An Essential Breakdown of How to Write a Blog Post

Blog Writing 101: Essential Information on Creating a Successful Blog So you want to write a blog! Learning how to write a blog post is a fun adventure that’s going to change how you think about the world of digital marketing. Whether you’re writing a personal blog, or you’re doing something for a client business,

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Copywriting Crash Course: How to Write a Good Headline

Crafting Catchy Headlines: The Science Behind Success

Did you know that only 2 out of 10 people will read your blog? That’s right: 8 out of 10 will read your headline, but only a quarter of them will continue through. That’s why knowing how to write catchy headlines matters. Writing a good headline is the most important part of the process and

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10 blog writing tips to Instantly Improve your SEO. VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto.

10 New Blog Writing Tips to Instantly Improve Your Content Marketing

Instant Blog Writing Tips for Your Business Are you writing blogs and looking for blog writing tips or blog writing ideas? It is no secret that more and more people have blogs- whether it be for their business or for personal use. Everyone has one!  However, just because everyone has a blog does not mean their

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Easy way to Get Your Website Indexed on Google. SEO Company Toronto and Niagara.

The Fastest Way to Get Your Website Indexed on Google

How to Get Your Site Indexed by Google…Fast When launching a new website for your business or for your client’s business one of your first concerns should be your site’s search rankings and your existing SEO strategy. Asking yourself, how do I get my website indexed by Google asap is a good start, but having

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