blogger fined for ranking too high

Awesome SEO Gets a Blogger Fined For Negative Review

  French Blogger Fined for Review Ranked “Too Highly”   Can an well optimized site rank too high? VPDM Digital explores the case of the fined French blogger Caroline Doudet – the blogger fined for negative review. As the internet has become an insanely vast space used by individuals and businesses alike, it has become much more

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hire an inbound marketing agency or do it yourself?

Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency or Do Your Content Marketing Yourself

Do You Need An Inbound Marketing Agency? What is inbound marketing and is it the same as content marketing? If you have ever asked yourself that question, you’ve likely also asked if you should do inbound marketing yourself using your internal team, or should you hire a qualified inbound marketing agency to do it for you.

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twitter intorduces analytics for twitter cards

Analytics For Twitter Cards Will Help Content Creators and Stimulate Users

Better Insights with Analytics For Twitter Cards Twitter introduced analytics for Twitter Cards this week and this news confirms my digital geek status. I’m extremely excited about this new feature. We’ll now be able to better understand how our Twitter cards are performing which will allow us to measure and tweak our social media marketing

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Rap Genius versus Google SEO

Rap Genius Loses 80% Search Traffic From Google’s Penalty

Rap Genius SEO vs. Google So whatever happened with that Google vs. Rap Genius SEO scandal? If you need to catch up on the story read this first, then this, and then the open letter to Google from Rap Genius co-founders. Great reads. To sum up quickly, as an early Christmas present, Rap Genius found

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what is seo?

What Is SEO? It’s Definitely Not The Same As The Old SEO

What Is SEO? It’s likely that, at some point in launching a website for your business, you asked yourself “What is SEO and why do I need it?” As you know, SEO is a complicated beast but it’s most definitely essential for your internet marketing these days. This post is designed to answer your “what is

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Business Blogs Get More Traffic and Leads!

Why Business Blogs Should Be Your Business

Business Blogs Increase Website Traffic Companies with business blogs that post regularly will be rewarded with search engine rankings on relevant keywords and increases in traffic to their website. Inbound Marketing agency, HubSpot, completed a digital marketing benchmarks study that shows how blogging can achieve these goals. The study found that companies that blog 15 or

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social media optimization supports search engine optimization

How Social Media Supports SEO

Social Media Optimization (SMO) If you’ve met me and had a conversation about digital marketing, website development, social media marketing, and search engine optimization, you’d know I’m a firm, almost militant, believer of the combination of Content, Search, and Social, in every internet marketing campaign. In the last few years, Social Media Optimization (SMO) has

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the SEO benefits of blogging

5 Benefits Of Blogging For Website Optimization

The 5 SEO Benefits Of Blogging Let’s face is, blogging is a huge commitment in your personal or your professional resources. It’s very hard work and it doesn’t come easy especially if you’re just starting. Like with everything, there are pros and cons, give and take, tit for tat. Ok, but if we’re going to

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