SEO Best Practices Checklist 2016 VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines

The Quick and Easy SEO Checklist for 2016

Introducing Your 2016 SEO Best Practices Checklist SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you’ve ever tried to optimize your website, or just web page, you’ll likely appreciate a checklist for SEO best practices, and we have an excellent SEO checklist for you below in this article! SEO has both a technical and creative side to

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30 UX Statistics You Dont Want To Miss VPDM Digital Marketing St.Catharines

Top 30 UX Stats Your Competition Doesn’t Know About…Yet

The Elements of User Experience That Matter in 2016 If your website has been ignoring any of the elements of user experience, that Google deems to be important, you could be losing out on tons of qualified traffic. Today, and going into 2016, having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. For example: Starting April 21st,

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social media management tools

Social Media Management Tools Your Business Needs Today

Best Social Media Management Tools 2016 Social media marketing is becoming the best way for businesses to advertise their new products and increase their fan base. Having the right social media management tools is key as well as having presence on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. The only

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Sponsored Instagram Ads: The New Way To Advertise VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines

Canada Introduces Sponsored Instagram Ads for Business

Sponsored Instagram Posts For Canadian Companies I’m sure you’ve been wondering what the hype is about the new sponsored ads on Instagram. Well, the wait is finally over! Instagram has enabled businesses to have the ability to include ads in their Instagram feed. Popular American brands such as Stella Artois, American Express, Starbucks and Mercedes

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Pinterest For Business: Get Started With Pinning Now! VPDM Digital Marketing

Pinterest For Business: Start Pinning Now To Increase Your Reach Today!

Although the popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter show social share images to try and create reach, they’re often targeting their audience with words and phrases through their posts. Here’s where the new social platform, Pinterest steps in. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a sole picture based website where users can save and share content

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Google Local Business Listings Changing VPDM Digital Marketing St.Catharines

It’s Time to Check Your Google Local Business Listing

Your Google local business listing might look a little different these days, thanks to a major update to Google Local. If you haven’t been paying attention to Google’s local business listings, it may be time to start.  Big Changes to Google’s Local Business Listings Here’s a quick rundown of the changes to Google’s local business listings: Street

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Industrial Website Design Ideas and Tips for 2015

3 Industrial Website Design Ideas for Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses

Why Industrial Website Design Should Be Your Priority One thing I’ve learned over the last few years is that companies in the industrial and/or manufacturing sector, particularly in the Niagara region, haven’t paid a lot of attention to their website and entire digital marketing strategy over the last 5-10 years. There literally aren’t many mobile

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Innovate Niagara Learn@Lunch with VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines, Niagara

Innovate Niagara Learn@Lunch with VPDM Digital Marketing

Learn at Lunch Topics: SEO and Social Media Marketing – B2B/B2C We’re excited to be part of the next Learn@Lunch by @InnovateNiagara on August 6, 2015. This highly informational event runs from 12:00pm – 1:30pm at Niagara College, 300 Woodlawn Road, Room B16 (Black Walnut Building) in Welland, ON. If you’re looking for educational, informative,

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how to use snapchat for business

How to Use Snapchat for Business

Snapchat as a Marketing Tool Snapchat is one of the newest and most domineering social media crazes to hit the digiverse with an estimated total of over 60 million app downloads thus far. If you are not a Snapchat user, there is a strong chance that you have still heard of it. Snapchat involves instantaneous back

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Periscope App Marketing VPDM

5 Reasons Your Brand Needs A Periscope Marketing Strategy

It is no secret that great video content will spread across social media like wildfire.  After all, who hasn’t seen Charlie Bit My Finger, or Sneezing Panda? For years, brands have been utilizing the power of video to launch new products, and revolutionize the old ones.  Until recently, they’ve been doing so on the tried

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