20 Foolproof Call to Action Examples to Make You an Effective Marketer

Examples of Calls to Action Used by Top Digital Marketers When it comes to digital marketing, what you say is as important as how you say it. Writing good calls to action isn’t as easy as we may think. Your content is important, but how you drive traffic to your website for conversions depends entirely

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7 Top Tips for Social Media Marketing. VPDM Digital Marketing and SEO Toronto, Niagara.

7 Simple Tips For Social Media Marketing & Promoting Your Content

Tips for Social Media Marketing, Advertising, & Content Promotion If you’re looking for successful tips for social media marketing, advertising, and content promotion, you’ve landed in the right place.  If you’re creating relevant, useful, and high quality content, just because you build it (publish it), it doesn’t mean your target will know where to find it or

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Average Click Through Rate and Other Google AdWords Benchmarks

How to Maximize the Average Click Through Rate For Your Industry

What’s the Average Click Through Rate for Your Industry? Google AdWords costs are almost as confusing as learning how to manage a Google Adwords CPC/PPC campaign. Your business needs to know the overall cost of a Google AdWords campaign, their AdWords cost per impression, and their average click through rate on each Ad and each

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how to use google analytics to increase traffic

80 Percent of Retailers Don’t Know How To Use Google Analytics To Increase Traffic

  What do you do after you view the latest Google Analytics report from your SEO company? I’m sure you’d like some advice on actionable steps to use the data from GA to improve your entire digital marketing strategy and website traffic. Today, VPDM Digital Marketing shows you how to use the data you get from

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8 Principles for SEO in 2015

SEO In 2015: 8 Mantras To Manage For Success

The 8 Basic Principles For SEO In 2015 This year has been a hell of a year not only for your SEO expert, consultant, or company, but also for many business owners wondering why their website rankings have plummeted or all together have disappeared. What do you think SEO in 2015 has in store for us

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SEO Audit in 12 Quick Steps - VPDM Digital

The Fastest DIY SEO Audit Checklist

The Fastest Marketing & SEO Audit How do you do an SEO Audit let alone an SEO audit report? Is there an SEO audit tool you should use or is there a one-stop SEO checklist to make things easier? Or do you need to hire an SEO consultant or agency and outsource your SEO services?

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what is conversion rate optimization definition?

Conversion Rate Optimization Services and How To Prepare For Max ROI

Conversion Rate Optimization Services Today I’d like us to have a conversation about CRO. What are some key CRO tips? Where can you get conversion rate optimization services. Have you heard, and/or used, this latest buzz word or buzz acronym? If you haven’t, you should most definitely be using CRO strategies and tactics in your digital marketing.

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