Woman on beach with leather jacket smiling and using cell phone to take video. How to optimize Facebook live for business.

6 Simple Ways You Should Optimize Facebook Live for your Business

How to Optimize Live Stream Video on Facebook This year is the year for live stream video on Facebook. Facebook Live is a new, exciting, and extremely popular feature that can help you better connect with your audience.  But if you’re just figuring out how to live stream video on Facebook, the real work doesn’t end

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How to share a story on Facebook. VPDM Digital Marketing Agency Hamilton, St. Catharines, and Toronto.

Facebook Stories 101: How This New Feature Can Help Your Business

How To Share a Story On Facebook Remember how Instagram incorporated the stories feature from Snapchat? Now, the stories feature is being used on yet another platform! Ever ask yourself how to share a story on Facebook? That’s right. Facebook is introducing stories, too. But what are Facebook Stories and can i make a Facebook Story

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Year in Review: 7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

The Digital Marketing Trends of 2016… And How Digital Marketers Can Use Them

7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 (That You Should Use in 2017) The new year always marks that time when we look back on the wins and the failures of the past year. For us, that means taking a look at the top digital marketing trends of 2016 and using them in our digital marketing strategies

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How to Use Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences: Why all Digital Marketers Should be Using Them

If you’re a digital marketer, you’ve likely noticed a new targeting option for Facebook Custom Audiences. This new targeting option is called “Engagement on Facebook.” It essentially allows you to create a custom audience. But this audience is based on who engages with your videos, lead ad forms and Facebook Canvas. Rejoice! This is wonderful

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17 Essential Questions for Planning Social Media Content Strategy

Planning Social Media Strategy? Not Without Asking Yourself These 17 Questions

17 Essential Questions Digital Marketers Must Ask Themselves When Planning Social Media Content The marketing industry has changed significantly with social media, and now it’s increasingly important to have a social media presence for any brand. But social media for business isn’t something you can jump into without a clear social media content strategy. To

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how to create content for social media

Marketing to Today’s Audience: 9 Ways to Create Quick Content for a Short Attention Span

9 Best Answers to How to Create Content for Social Media With any small business today, either you or your social media marketing agency needs to know exactly how to create content for social media, quickly. Generating relevant and engaging content for social media for a finicky generation is not a quick & easy task. It’s also no

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Facebook video metrics and Facebook analytics are important for your digital marketing strategy.

Making Sense of Your Facebook Video Metrics, Engagement and Analytics

How Facebook Video Metrics Can Help Your Social Media Marketing Are you using your Facebook video metrics and other Facebook analytics data to help amplify your brand on social media? Facebook is the ultimate platform that all digital marketers should be utilizing. Sharing videos on Facebook in particular is a great and effective way to get

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Put a Smiley Face on it: How Digital Marketers Can Get on Board With Emoji Marketing

How to Use Emoji Marketing Through Social Media With Credibility Every day, 6 billion emojis are sent across the world through mobile apps and messaging platforms. As a result, emoji marketing through social media has become an increasingly popular way for digital marketers to connect with audiences. There are enough emojis to create entire conversations, stories,

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