Instagram marketing tips from VPDM Digital Marketing and SEO Toronto

Instagram’s Latest Updates: How they Affect Us & You

Instagram Marketing Tips You Haven’t Heard About…Yet Instagram is undergoing major changes this year and any insightful Instagram marketing tips will help every business that uses the rapidly growing platform. Since early 2016 the app has been implementing some pretty big alterations to their appearance and functions. At the beginning of March, Instagram introduced a

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VPDM-10 tips to manage your online reputation

5 Tips On Using Social Media For Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Social media is evolving at breakneck speed but one thing that has always remained constant is your personal or corporate brand reputation. Even as early as 2002 when Friendster was born, and on to 2003 with MySpace, personal online reputation was always an important asset for any online user to have. However,

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US Airways Twitter Fail Deserves A Pass

4 Reasons Why US Airways Should Get A Pass On Their Twitter Fail

Here’s Why The US Airways Twitter Blunder Is No Big Deal This one may go down as the absolute worst twitter blunder of all time. Or will it? It was a doozy, land let’s be honest, it was pretty hilarious and you just had to laugh. If not at the disturbing image, then at the

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