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Is Digital Marketing Worth it? The Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is Vital For Growing Your Business Where should you spend your marketing budget? Why digital marketing? It’s a tough dilemma for many small business owners and marketers. The difference between traditional and digital marketing is obvious, but it can be hard to figure out what you need for your business. Small businesses don’t have

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How to Pass the Google Analytics Certification Exam

The Google Analytics Certification Exam: Here’s Why it’s Worth it for Digital Marketers

Why All Digital Marketers Should Take the Google Analytics Certification Exam Google Analytics (GA) is one of, if not the, most valuable analytics tools to track website traffic. If you were to ask me what analytics tool I couldn’t live without for monitoring my digital marketing campaigns, GA would be my answer without hesitation. During

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Marketing Metrics 101: What Really Matters for Your Social Media Campaign?

Marketing Metrics 101: How to Avoid Wasting Time on the Wrong Data

Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics: Which Marketing Metrics Really Matter? The Internet is full of information. Some of it’s useless, but some of it can be amazingly helpful. When it comes to marketing metrics, the right information is key. Marketing metrics are extremely important. This is how you know what you’re doing is working or not,

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website user experience best practices - vpdm digital marketing niagara hamilton GTA

Understanding How User Behavior Positively Affects Search Rankings

  User Behavior Data is Vital to Your SEO Strategy in 2016 How important are organic search rankings for your business? My guess is that organic rankings are a critical part of your overall website optimization and SEO strategy. With that in mind, let’s discuss the top website user experience best practices. Did you know that organic

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google's search engine ranking factors 2015

User Experience Tops the List of Google’s Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015

The Future of SEO as I See It You’re about to learn about the future of SEO and search engine ranking factors 2015 in less than 10 minutes. With the many Google algorithm changes over the last 18-24 months, understanding the future of search marketing, website and search engine optimization is a huge competitive advantage

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How To Set Up Google AdWords

What Your PPC Manager Should Know: How To Set Up Google AdWords for Optimized Performance

5 Tips on How to Set Up Google AdWords Learning how to set up Google AdWords and a Google AdWords PPC account is challenging, sometimes mind-bending work. Being able to strategically optimize your pay-per-click advertising campaign, for both users and search engines requires some advanced expertise. What about after the click? Smart search marketers know you’ll need

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Google Panda 4.2 Algorithm Released

Google Says They’ve Unleashed Panda 4.2

Word is Google Panda 4.2 is in Full Effect Get ready for another Google algorithm update for 2015. Remember 10 months ago when Google unleashed the Panda 4.1 algorithm update? Well, it’s time to get ready for Google Panda 4.2. If you need a quick refresher on Panda 4.1, read How to Comply With Panda

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best keyword research tips 2015

Keyword Research Tips When Using The New Google Search Console

The Best Keyword Research Tips You’ll Read Today Attention all content marketers, content creators, and content curators: Keyword research is not dead. In fact, keyword research is likely one of the most important steps for all digital marketers, especially if you want your content to be found, consumed by your target personas. That’s why you

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