how to create content for social media

Marketing to Today’s Audience: 9 Ways to Create Quick Content for a Short Attention Span

9 Best Answers to How to Create Content for Social Media With any small business today, either you or your social media marketing agency needs to know exactly how to create content for social media, quickly. Generating relevant and engaging content for social media for a finicky generation is not a quick & easy task. It’s also no

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10 Proven tips on how to get more followers on social media. VPDM Digital Marketing Social Media and SEO Agency.

10 Easy Steps to Increase Your Social Media Following Today

How to Get More Followers on Social Media For businesses looking to dip their feet in the digital marketing world, there’s much more to be done than simply creating a social media profile, posting content, and worrying about how to get more followers on social media. While posting relevant content is important and should always

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Why Should My Business Use Instagram and Snapchat. How to use Instagram stories.

Should I Incorporate Instagram Stories in My Digital Marketing Strategy?

How to Use Instagram Stories For Your Business By now, you have inevitably heard about, or have even tried, Instagram Stories or have begun to wonder how to use instagram stories for your business marketing.  It’s hard to ignore the fact that the entire concept is a knock-off of Snapchat’s popular “story” feature. However, we

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Put a Smiley Face on it: How Digital Marketers Can Get on Board With Emoji Marketing

How to Use Emoji Marketing Through Social Media With Credibility Every day, 6 billion emojis are sent across the world through mobile apps and messaging platforms. As a result, emoji marketing through social media has become an increasingly popular way for digital marketers to connect with audiences. There are enough emojis to create entire conversations, stories,

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7 Top Tips for Social Media Marketing. VPDM Digital Marketing and SEO Toronto, Niagara.

7 Simple Tips For Social Media Marketing & Promoting Your Content

Tips for Social Media Marketing, Advertising, & Content Promotion If you’re looking for successful tips for social media marketing, advertising, and content promotion, you’ve landed in the right place.  If you’re creating relevant, useful, and high quality content, just because you build it (publish it), it doesn’t mean your target will know where to find it or

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Instagram marketing tips from VPDM Digital Marketing and SEO Toronto

Instagram’s Latest Updates: How they Affect Us & You

Instagram Marketing Tips You Haven’t Heard About…Yet Instagram is undergoing major changes this year and any insightful Instagram marketing tips will help every business that uses the rapidly growing platform. Since early 2016 the app has been implementing some pretty big alterations to their appearance and functions. At the beginning of March, Instagram introduced a

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Manage multiple instagram accounts. VPDM. Toronto.

How Anyone Can Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Is It Possible To Have Two Instagram Accounts? As a business owner, social media manager, or content marketing expert, I’m betting you’ve asked yourself: “is it possible to have two Instagram accounts?” Well, the time has finally arrived—it is now possible for anyone to manage multiple Instagram accounts. This is a brand new feature following the release of

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Social Media Image Sizes Chart VPDM Digital Marketing

Stop Guessing at Social Media Image Sizes

A Guide to Social Media Image Sizes When it comes to sharing content on social media, there’s no doubt that content with images which fit optimal social media image sizes get more engagement. Studies have shown that images are much more easy to consume for users. Marketers are able to use this to their advantage to

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