Social Media Image Sizes Chart VPDM Digital Marketing

Stop Guessing at Social Media Image Sizes

A Guide to Social Media Image Sizes When it comes to sharing content on social media, there’s no doubt that content with images which fit optimal social media image sizes get more engagement. Studies have shown that images are much more easy to consume for users. Marketers are able to use this to their advantage to

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Rebranding Your Business VPDM Digital Marketing Niagara Falls

The Importance of Re-branding Your Company

Re-branding Your Business When a company looks at their existing marketing materials (logos, messages, website, brochures, videos, etc.) they may wonder why some, maybe all of these components are in need of a revamp. In fact, sometimes the existing brand has been successful for years; it seems almost ridiculous to seek out change. So why

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How To Increase Your LinkedIn Marketing Engagement by 386%

How to Create Content That Increases Your LinkedIn Marketing Engagement by 386%

LinkedIn Marketing On Steroids LinkedIn and an optimized LinkedIn marketing strategy should become your bff’s. From what I’ve seen, most social media consultants in the Niagara region, Hamilton, Toronto, and GTA aren’t using LinkedIn marketing nearly as much as they should. Facebook and Twitter are your mainstays, but for me personally and professionally, I’ve been

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linkedin showcase pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Allow Brands To Showcase Content & Create Engagement

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Rolls Out For All LinkedIn’s new feature, Showcase Pages, will allow big brands as well as small and medium sized businesses to use the social network just as they use Facebook and Google+. Even more, a LinkedIn Showcase Page let’s brands highlight specific products, services, or projects. You may remember back in

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