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Average Click Through Rate and Other Google AdWords Benchmarks

How to Maximize the Average Click Through Rate For Your Industry

What’s the Average Click Through Rate for Your Industry? Google AdWords costs are almost as confusing as learning how to manage a Google Adwords CPC/PPC campaign. Your business needs to know the overall cost of a Google AdWords campaign, their AdWords cost per impression, and their average click through rate on each Ad and each

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Mobile Marketing Strategy and Trends for 2016. Local SEO is a Priority!

Google Says Step Up Your Mobile Marketing Game Or Else

Now more than ever, a mobile marketing strategy should be a vital part of any business’s digital marketing strategy moving into 2016. Google is paying attention to mobile marketing trends, this means you should too. Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016 Remember the times I’ve repeated that businesses and brands should look at Google as a “referral engine” and not

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big changes to google local business listings

Google Completely F’s Up Local Business Listings For Some Local Businesses

Google Local Business Listings Shake Up Google has recently made some major changes to how it displays local business listings when a user makes a local business search. Digital marketers and their local business clients will see significant implications with desktop search, mobile search, and your local SEO strategy. Keep in mind that this recent

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Google Penalty Check. A New Penalty is Announced.

Google Announces a Brand New Penalty

Google Penalty Check. A Brand New Penalty Announced. It’s an exciting time of year. It’s actually my absolute favourite time of year – the Fall. It’s a time of change, and one of the most beautiful as well as motivating times of year for me. In the world of SEO and search engine marketing (SEM),

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Why Pinterest Search Can Do What Google Can Not

I Say Pinterest is the Second Largest Search Engine in the World

Pinterest Search Does What Google Can’t  You may not have realized it but I’m hear to tell you that Pinterest is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, that Google doesn’t own. When looked at from a strictly mobile search perspective, this is most certainly the case. Trust me, Pinterest search is a big

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Google Mobile Friendly Ranking Factor

Yes, a Mobile-Friendly Website Affects Your Search Rankings

You have probably read the usual arguments for having a mobile-friendly website. You’ve been told that it helps more people to use your website, and that it keeps mobile users on your page longer. You know that it’s important to prepare your online persona for a world fueled by pocket-sized computers. But Now, Having A Mobile-Friendly Website

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3 Local Business Marketing Ideas and Srategies

3 Local Business Marketing Ideas and Strategies That Will Grow Your Business

Strategy for Local Business Marketing Local businesses is thriving in the Niagara region., Certainly in downtown St. Catharines, to Niagara Falls, and up through the Golden Horseshoe to Grimsby and Hamilton. These days, marketing strategies for small businesses can offer much more ROI than marketing campaigns run by major brands. Did you know that local

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Mobile Marketing Statistics What They really mean

6 Mobile Marketing Statistics (And What They Really Mean)

“Numbers never lie” is the mantra every digital marketer should live by. Making a decision without checking the data is a big no-no. With the explosion of mobile phone use in the last decade, marketers need to know the way the industry is heading, and how they can harness the power of the mobile phone

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