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Napster history - 15 years later

How Napster Completely Ruined My Career

Thank You Napster It was 15 years ago, almost to the date, that a start-up digital music service completely ruined my life. Two teenage punks named Shawn/Sean, who, over the years I’ve come to admire and respect, created a piece of free software that any other teenager could download. Many did. How many? Well in

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facebook music identification feature

New Facebook Music Identification Feature Sinks Shazam

Facebook Music Identification vs. Shazam Facebook is now taking on Shazam. You probably have Shazam installed on your Android or iOS smartphone and if you don’t, I’m sure you know someone who does. Just in case you don’t know, Shazam is a way cool mobile app that recognizes music and TV around you. The creators

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Time for a new Prince Lawsuit!

Another Prince Lawsuit Filed For $22m Against 22 Fans

Time For a New Prince Lawsuit! Prince is at it again. He’s raging against the Internet for what seems to be like the gazzillionth time on his “copyright warpath”. This time, the Prince lawsuit targets 22 individual Facebook users for $1 million each! It’s quite possible that these 22 people could pretty much be some

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YouTube Music Awards Show 2013

YouTube Music Awards – A Lesson In Chaos

The YouTube Music Awards – The First Ever This sounded like an awesome idea from the beginning. To me anyway. I mean first off this has never been done before. The YouTube Music Awards? Secondly, wow is the world’s second largest search engine and probably #1 music streaming and discover service, host, produce and live

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streaming music services - YouTube is next!

YouTube To Launch Music Streaming Services

YouTube Music Streaming Services Music streaming is freaking awesome. If you’re a fan of music and you haven’t experimented with any major music streaming services you’re really missing out on a an amazing music consumption and discovery experience. I’ve been enjoying and testing streaming music since the days of which, back in the day,

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Facebook Now Lets You Comment With Photos

Facebook Photo Comments Announced Are you a visual type person? Do you appreciate a point being illustrated or supported with a photograph or image of some sort? Well then I have some great news for you. The world’s largets social network has launched a new feature called Facebook Photo Comments. Earlier this week Facebook announced

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It’s the entertainment industry’s release schedule that breeds piracy

After working in the entertainment industry for well over a decade, specifically in the music business, I’ve been witness to insane release schedule practices that blew my mind way before illegal downloading of mp3’s (read: Napster). At first I could understand that delaying a CD release could build demand for the product (i.e the record). A single

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10 Reasons to Be Excited for New MySpace

Ok, I’m excited for the New MySpace (or Myspace I think). I really am. Maybe it’s because I want to see the underdog, the former market leader (albeit there was no competition during their peak), return to glory with a kick ass, brand new design, next level, forward thinking, high-tech social network! I think I ‘m working myself up

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Spotify Transitions from Streaming Music Service to Music Platform

Have you moved into the world of music streaming and music subscription services as your go-to as opposed to your default iTunes or even YouTube for that matter? There are a few major players with some unique offerings: Pandora, Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio, The Vault (HMV), Grooveshark, LastFM, Slacker, Songza, Spotify, and many others I haven’t mentioned. There’s even

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