How To Disappear Form The Internet in 9 Steps

How To Disappear From The Internet in 9 Steps

Want To Disappear Online? Have you ever wanted to disappear but then thought, wait a second, there’s all my work online, my blog articles, my multiple social media accounts, and oh yeah, my Gmail. It’s pretty hard to disappear from the internet thanks to the ever-evolving digital footprint we leave each and every day. Think

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Change to Gmail may bring you more spam.

New Feature, New Change To Gmail. Anyone Can Email You

A Significant Change To Gmail Google has started their new year off just as they ended last year – by making changes to its major products. This one actually has some sort of useful practicality associated with it. Yesterday, Google made a significant change to Gmail. Starting today, you will now be able to email

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privacy in social media - there is none

The Internet Is Forever

There is No Privacy in Social Media Anyone who works in social media marketing and content creation/curation knows, more than anyone else, how much personal information the kids are sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networks. There is no such thing as privacy in social media. It’s not only the kids, it’s pretty

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What Instagram’s New Terms of Service Mean for You

Instagram released an updated version of its =””>privacy policy and terms of service on Monday and the internet exploded. Well almost. People we’re pissed and according to some reports, Instagram lost nearly half of it’s daily users in a month. I’m not sure how accurate those claims are but needless to say many people were worried specifically

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Why Facebook Will Start Serving Ads on Instagram Soon

Source: When we think about data privacy, we normally think about a company giving or selling our info to a third party. But a single company can also circulate around our information among its various units in ways that raise similar privacy concerns Most of the media coverage of Facebook’s latest proposed revisions to

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Here’s Why Facebook Has Decreased Page Reach

Have you noticed a decrease in your Facebook business page post reach? I have and I’m sure you and thousands of others have as well. One of my clients has over 25,000 “likes” but their max reach has been around half that amount. I undersand some fans have “liked” the page but now may not

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