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How to Emotionally Connect With Your Customers Through Social Media- how to connect with your customers

Social Media Marketing 101: How to Emotionally Connect With Customers

Have you ever seen Budweiser’s anti-drinking and driving commercial with the little golden retriever puppy who waits for his owner to come home? The owner goes out drinking, and he doesn’t return home because he’s been killed drinking and driving. The puppy just waits and waits. And our hearts are broken watching him. That, fellow

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5 Holiday SEO Tips for Beginners

The 5 Essential Holiday SEO Tips For Beginners That Will Impress Your Boss

Best SEO Tips For This Holiday Season It’s Christmas time for bricks & mortar and online retailers. Literally and figuratively. The 2015 holiday season is upon us, which means holiday season shopping is ready to jump into high gear. So just for you, here are some secrets and other holiday SEO tips for beginners and

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Sponsored Instagram Ads: The New Way To Advertise VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines

Canada Introduces Sponsored Instagram Ads for Business

Sponsored Instagram Posts For Canadian Companies I’m sure you’ve been wondering what the hype is about the new sponsored ads on Instagram. Well, the wait is finally over! Instagram has enabled businesses to have the ability to include ads in their Instagram feed. Popular American brands such as Stella Artois, American Express, Starbucks and Mercedes

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facebook news feed algorithm change

Facebook Says News Feed Algorithm Change Affects Only Open Graph Actions

News Feed Algorithm vs. Third Party Apps Changes in search algorithms from Google or social media algorithms from Facebook have become a regular event. Earlier this week, Facebook announced an update to their News Feed algorithm that sent shock waves through the content and social media marketing community worldwide. Shock waves may be an exaggerated

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SEO Secrets of the YouTube Search Algorithm by VPDM Digital

Secrets of the YouTube Search Algorithm

The Secret YouTube Search Algorithm This is not something I’ve read much about nor have I written much about – the YouTube search algorithm. However, there’s been a ton of talk about the “other algorithms” lately. The Google search algorithm with its many recent changes (the zoo of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird), and the Facebook

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Battle of Search Engines: Facebook vs. Google

Search Engines Throw Down. Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Compete Directly Against Google.

The Battle of The Search Engines Mark Zuckerberg says that Facebook will go head to head with Google in order to dominate search. That’s right, Facebook now wants to be the world’s biggest and baddest search engine. Last week, on his Q4 2013 earnings call, Zuckerberg spoke with Wall Street analysts to discuss where Facebook’s

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Facebook Paper Is Released

Facebook Paper App Includes New Version of the News Feed

Introducing Paper – Stories From Facebook It’s been a busy last few weeks at Facebook. There was that slight but significant update to the Facebook News Feed last week, and now we find out Facebook Paper is released. “Paper” is a new iPhone App (sorry Android users) which features a redesigned version of the Facebook News Feed.

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How To Optimize Images For Pinterest

10 Tips To Optimize Images For Pinterest

How To Best Optimize Images For Pinterest Pinterest is an extremely fun and addictive social media network. Just ask anyone who’s ever spent any time Pinning. Pinterest will be 4 years old this March. If you’ve been seeing success from you Pinning, you must know how to optimize images for Pinterest. If you’d like to learn

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