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Website Optimization Tips For 2014

It’s Not All About Keywords Anymore If we’ve learned anything reading many website optimization tips and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics this year, it’s that basic on page metadata, link building, and keywords/keyword rich copy should be just a one of a few integral parts of your website optimization strategy. I’m certainly not saying that metadata,

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the SEO benefits of blogging

5 Benefits Of Blogging For Website Optimization

The 5 SEO Benefits Of Blogging Let’s face is, blogging is a huge commitment in your personal or your professional resources. It’s very hard work and it doesn’t come easy especially if you’re just starting. Like with everything, there are pros and cons, give and take, tit for tat. Ok, but if we’re going to

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twitter redesign concept 2013

Imagine A Twitter Redesign Like This

This is THE Twitter Redesign Concept For 2013 If you’re using social media for personal or business use, you’re more than aware of the many updates and redesigns that many major social media networks have made recently. For example, the entire Google behemoth including, but not limited to, Gmail, Google+ and YouTube have been completely

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