10 blog writing tips to Instantly Improve your SEO. VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto.

10 New Blog Writing Tips to Instantly Improve Your Content Marketing

Instant Blog Writing Tips for Your Business Are you writing blogs and looking for blog writing tips or blog writing ideas? It is no secret that more and more people have blogs- whether it be for their business or for personal use. Everyone has one!  However, just because everyone has a blog does not mean their

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How to Tweet GIFS on Twitter. VPDM

Enhance Your Marketing on Twitter By Using GIFS

How to Tweet Gifs on Twitter Over a year ago, Twitter announced that they will be allowing users to post GIFS – however, not very many users are jumping on the bandwagon. Although GIFS are popular on other social media platforms, it doesn’t seem to be growing on to Twitter and that may be because

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Facebook Pages App, VPDM Digital Marketing, Toronto, Oakville

Facebook Pages Get a Helpful New Update

Businesses Manage Client Expectations With the Help of Facebook Pages With the ultimate goal of getting brands to conduct more business on Facebook, a new range of Page features have recently been released by Facebook. The new features have been designed to help businesses better personalize their Pages and improve the overall customer experience. Page Responsiveness

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Employees cell phones at work

Encouraging Employees to Use Cell Phones

Should Employees Use Cell Phones at Work? Immediately this does seem to go against everything employers have been telling their employees for years. Should employees use cell phones at work? Shouts of “Put away your phone!” have echoed across kitchen restaurants, winery tasting bars, and even horror house attractions. Almost every employer in every field has

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Engaging Social Media Post - VPDM

How To Create Engaging Social Media Posts The Easy Way

Engaging Social Media Posts Aren’t Easy To Create As social media marketers, we’ve all been there. It is time to schedule a post, and your mind draws a blank. How do I make this post engaging? How do I make it click worthy? Am I using proper grammar? We know the feeling, and it’s a

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VPDM-10 tips to manage your online reputation

5 Tips On Using Social Media For Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Social media is evolving at breakneck speed but one thing that has always remained constant is your personal or corporate brand reputation. Even as early as 2002 when Friendster was born, and on to 2003 with MySpace, personal online reputation was always an important asset for any online user to have. However,

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social media tips grow business

10 Social Media Tips To Fire Up Your Business Growth

These Social Media Tips Are The Catalyst Social Media Marketing is clearly essential for many large brands and SMB’s. It allows companies to monitor brand reputation, reach out and engage with customers, and also form relationships with future prospective customers. But setting up and maintaining your company’s social media marketing strategy is not an easy

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How To Disappear Form The Internet in 9 Steps

How To Disappear From The Internet in 9 Steps

Want To Disappear Online? Have you ever wanted to disappear but then thought, wait a second, there’s all my work online, my blog articles, my multiple social media accounts, and oh yeah, my Gmail. It’s pretty hard to disappear from the internet thanks to the ever-evolving digital footprint we leave each and every day. Think

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How To Optimize Images For Pinterest

10 Tips To Optimize Images For Pinterest

How To Best Optimize Images For Pinterest Pinterest is an extremely fun and addictive social media network. Just ask anyone who’s ever spent any time Pinning. Pinterest will be 4 years old this March. If you’ve been seeing success from you Pinning, you must know how to optimize images for Pinterest. If you’d like to learn

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Pinterest Marekting Tips for Brands and SMBs

Pinterest Marketing Tips: The Four Stages Brands Need To Know

Pinterest Marketing Tips For Your 2014 Social Marketing Pinterest is a very unique social media network. When you look at the Pinterest experience for a typical user, when compared to how that same user experiences Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s a completely different level of participation and engagement. It’s important for brands and SMBs to

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