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17 Essential Questions for Planning Social Media Content Strategy

Planning Social Media Strategy? Not Without Asking Yourself These 17 Questions

17 Essential Questions Digital Marketers Must Ask Themselves When Planning Social Media Content The marketing industry has changed significantly with social media, and now it’s increasingly important to have a social media presence for any brand. But social media for business isn’t something you can jump into without a clear social media content strategy. To

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Stars Became Hearts On Twitter VPDM Digital Marketing St.Catharines

Twitter Changes Favourites To Likes

Most Twitter users have already noticed. Because it’s big news when Twitter changes favourites to likes and stars to hearts in their feeds. If you did miss it basically where you now see a heart to like a tweet, you used see a star to favourite. This big question for us now is how this affects digital

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Mobile Marketing Statistics What They really mean

6 Mobile Marketing Statistics (And What They Really Mean)

“Numbers never lie” is the mantra every digital marketer should live by. Making a decision without checking the data is a big no-no. With the explosion of mobile phone use in the last decade, marketers need to know the way the industry is heading, and how they can harness the power of the mobile phone

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Social Media Strategy UK Innocent Juice, Fresh Social Media Strategy

A Fresh Social Media Strategy from Innocent Juice

A Social Media Conversation, Not A Sales Tactic Innocent Drinks is a UK juice brand that started bottling in 1999. They take a conversational and often irreverent approach to creating a fresh social media strategy that continually works. This approach to social media marketing and user engagement seems to work very well. The company achieved a 35% engagement

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social media marketing trends 2015 from VPDM Digital

5 Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

The Ones To Watch: Social Media Marketing Trends 2015 If you’re gearing up for some results driven social media marketing strategy for 2015, you’ve landed on the right page. What should we expect from social media and content marketing this year? How about changes in real-time marketing, social media ad spending, and the emergence of large,

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What Are Twitter Cards and How Do They Work?

What Are Twitter Cards and How Do They Work?

  This is a 3-part series, researched and written by Matthew Johnson. Matthew is not only one of VPDM Digital’s 2014 student interns, he’s also a fourth year Brock University Student, specializing in Business Communications. Matthew is will answer the question of What Are Twitter Cards? He’ll also explain what they are exactly, how you should strategically

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how to reach more fans on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest

How To Reach a Television Size Audience That Drives Conversions For Only a Few Bucks

How To Reach More Fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest   It’s no secret that reaching your fans and followers via social media is challenging at the best of times. Between the incessant “noise” on social media generated from the hundreds of posts and tweets you see each day in your Facebook News Feed

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social media advertising

Why You’ll Invest In Social Media Advertising This Year

Social Media Advertising Is On Trend. Organic Reach Is Dead. Social Media Advertising will be one of the new big trends in social media and inbound content marketing this year. Some of the major social networks already have profitable advertising platforms in place and are helping brands reach and convert more of their fans in

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Google +Post Ads Announced. Google Advertising.

Google +Post Ads Announced. Display Ad’s Rejoice. Kind Of.

Google Is In The Social Ads Game When was the last time you or anyone ever said “oh awesome look, another display ad!!!”? I’m willing to bet never. And if you have ever said it or heard it, I’d bet it was laced with sarcasm. Fact is, no one really clicks on banner ads. The

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social media marketing statistics 2013

Promising Social Media Statistics 2013

2013: The Year Everything Changed What a year it’s been for Content, Search, and Social. Looking back at the past 10 months while researching for social media statistics 2013 version, I’ve realized that the work VPDM has been doing has been on pace, on track, and on trend with the ever changing and always evolving

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