Woman on beach with leather jacket smiling and using cell phone to take video. How to optimize Facebook live for business.

6 Simple Ways You Should Optimize Facebook Live for your Business

How to Optimize Live Stream Video on Facebook This year is the year for live stream video on Facebook. Facebook Live is a new, exciting, and extremely popular feature that can help you better connect with your audience.  But if you’re just figuring out how to live stream video on Facebook, the real work doesn’t end

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Periscope App Marketing VPDM

5 Reasons Your Brand Needs A Periscope Marketing Strategy

It is no secret that great video content will spread across social media like wildfire.  After all, who hasn’t seen Charlie Bit My Finger, or Sneezing Panda? For years, brands have been utilizing the power of video to launch new products, and revolutionize the old ones.  Until recently, they’ve been doing so on the tried

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Instagram announces clickable Instagram Links

Instagram Now Allows Clickable Images – As Long As They’re Ads

Clickable Instagram Link Just For Ads Makes complete sense. Up until now, Instagram didn’t allow a clickable Instagram link anywhere in your photo posts. No clickable images or no clickable links in the status/description. Instagram was created to be an app where users would consume photos within the app, and stay there. This is a big

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Guide to Instagram Video

Beginners Guide To Instagram Video

If You’re Not Using Instagram Video… You’re Losing Have you started using Instagram Video in your social media marketing? It’s no longer just a trendy new smartphone-only app that your kids are using. In fact, Instagram is a massive social platform that can be accessed on iOS and Android powered smartphones and tablets, as well as on desktop computers. Don’t forget the main social

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Garrett Gee Pitches SCAN and Hacks Shark Tank

How a QR Code and a Big Thinker Hacked Shark Tank…By Accident

URLs Are Banned. QR Codes Are OK? Did you see that recent episode of Shark Tank where a guy named Garrett Gee pitched his new iOS and Android app, Scan? I loved that kid. His pitch was superb. He was looking for $1M for 5% of his company. He knew his numbers, was confident in his

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Time for a new Prince Lawsuit!

Another Prince Lawsuit Filed For $22m Against 22 Fans

Time For a New Prince Lawsuit! Prince is at it again. He’s raging against the Internet for what seems to be like the gazzillionth time on his “copyright warpath”. This time, the Prince lawsuit targets 22 individual Facebook users for $1 million each! It’s quite possible that these 22 people could pretty much be some

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rap genius founders. back on google!

This Is How Rap Genius Fixed Their SEO Mess and Got Back On Google

Rap Genius Back to #1 On Google! I’ve really enjoyed watching this whole Rap Genius vs. Google SEO spam/scam story play out over the holidays. I generally spend a lot of my time reading about SEO daily, so when this spam issue came out, my eyes were glued to my RSS and social media timelines

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privacy in social media - there is none

The Internet Is Forever

There is No Privacy in Social Media Anyone who works in social media marketing and content creation/curation knows, more than anyone else, how much personal information the kids are sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networks. There is no such thing as privacy in social media. It’s not only the kids, it’s pretty

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Einstein: Best Inventions of 2013

The 25 Best Inventions of 2013

New Stuff Kicks Ass! I love innovation. I love technology. I live tenacity and persistence. Both innovations and technology demand determination. I also love really cool inventions. Especially for such things that you likely never even thought about, ever. Today I found a video from summarizing the 25 Best Inventions of 2013. “What makes

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