17 Essential Questions for Planning Social Media Content Strategy

Planning Social Media Strategy? Not Without Asking Yourself These 17 Questions

17 Essential Questions Digital Marketers Must Ask Themselves When Planning Social Media Content The marketing industry has changed significantly with social media, and now it’s increasingly important to have a social media presence for any brand. But social media for business isn’t something you can jump into without a clear social media content strategy. To

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US Airways Twitter Fail Deserves A Pass

4 Reasons Why US Airways Should Get A Pass On Their Twitter Fail

Here’s Why The US Airways Twitter Blunder Is No Big Deal This one may go down as the absolute worst twitter blunder of all time. Or will it? It was a doozy, land let’s be honest, it was pretty hilarious and you just had to laugh. If not at the disturbing image, then at the

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How Upworthy Grows Viral Content and

Upworthy: What Is It and How Did It Grow So Big So Fast? Have you heard of Upworthy? If you’re like most people who scourer the internet for pop culture news, gossip, or juicy content to curate for your clients or your own blog, you’ve likely clicked on a link and landed on In

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5 genius content marketing ideas

5 Content Marketing Ideas Someone Calls Genius

Where Do Your Content Marketing Ideas Come From? Content Marketing isn’t necessarily a new marketing tactic. Brands have been creating compelling, unique, and relevant content to attract, engage, convince, convert, and delight their customers for years. It just wasn’t as easy to get that content in front of your target market. TV was too expensive and

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internet marketing is about these 5 elements

5 Key Elements To Viral Content [Infographic]

Internet Marketing Is About Mass Exposure The main objective of Internet marketing is mass exposure leading to website traffic and conversions. It’s probably safe to say that one of the main goals for any “digital marketing ninja”, “SEO expert”, “social media guru”, or any website and business owner is to have one of their campaigns go

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The Story Behind the Most Viral Photo Ever

I was fortunate enough to strategize and execute a social media marketing campaign using captivating photographs that ended up going viral. Certainly a career high that my team and I are proud of. This post on grabbed my attention and I wanted to share it here as it’s a very cool story. “The image

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Me on

I have been a fan of Toronto DJ’s Humble and Fred since about 1990 when they were on “The Spirit of Radio” CFNY 102.1FM. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the legendary radio pair on their new Internet radio station on October 30, 2012. They wanted to talk to me about my viral social

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The 14 Creepiest, Funniest, Best Halloween Ads Ever

This was an awesome find! has chosen the images from my viral social media campaign with Nightmares Fear Factory as one of the “14 creepiest, funniest, best Halloween ads ever”!! We ended up at #1! WOOT!! “As Halloween approaches, here’s a look at some of the creepiest ads ever–the ones that could be short

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