Do You See What I See? The New Google Summer Hours Checker

change business hours on google

How To Change Business Hours on Google For The Summer

Did You Know That Your Customers Are Looking For Your Business Hours on Google?

With 52 percent of consumers are checking the Google listings of businesses specifically for their hours, keeping hours of operation correct on your Google business listing is absolutely critical.

However you would be shocked to find that only one percent of all businesses who change their hours in the summer are showing accurate hours on their Google Listing.

Check Your Summer Hours Easily

Google has come to the rescue with a quick listing checker to confirm the hours of your business are all accurate. can be used to check any business listing summer hours to see how it appears on Google.

This is helpful for businesses that change their hours and all businesses to confirm everything on the listing is correct. Remember checking this is important as businesses with complete listings are 2 times as likely to be considered reputable.

Don’t get left out in the cold this summer, check your Google Listing and use optimized search to your advantage. You can also use your Google+ Local Business Profile to increase the accuracy of your Google Listing, here is a great read on optimizing that. 

how to change business hours on google
Change Summer Business Hours on Google
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