Instagram Now Allows Clickable Images – As Long As They’re Ads

Instagram announces clickable Instagram Links

Clickable Instagram Link Just For Ads

Makes complete sense. Up until now, Instagram didn’t allow a clickable Instagram link anywhere in your photo posts. No clickable images or no clickable links in the status/description. Instagram was created to be an app where users would consume photos within the app, and stay there. This is a big reason why Instagram is useless for SEO.

Of course advertisers, business owners, social media managers from here in St. Catharines, Niagara and the rest of the world, all demanded more engaging ways to influence people to click to brand websites and increase website traffic and conversions.

Instagram Ads Will Have Clickable CTA Links

Instagram new ads are specifically targeted to e-commerce companies that require click-through for users buy products and services. Small, medium and large companies sometimes need to show more than one image to a user in order to promote their products. Take for example electronics companies or automotive companies.

TechCrunch as an awesome video to introduce clickable Instagram ads and says “So for the first time, Instagram will start showing clickable links, but only in its new multi-photo carousel ads that can tell a story by letting you swipe through four branded images in sequence. The new “Learn More” button that houses these links will open a URL in an internal browser within Instagram that allows you to quickly jump back to the feed with a tap of the top bar.”

I can’t wait to use these, both as an advertiser and as a user. Looking forward to seeing how easily consumable they are, and what sort of value they provide from a marketing and SEO perspective. Click image for the video:

Clickable Instagram Ads
Click Image to View Clickable Instagram Ads!


Clickable Video Ads Too?

For now, the word is that these clickable Instagram ads will only be used for photos. There is the ability for Instagram to use a clickable CTA on video ads but they are only considering that option. They’d like to see how this all plays out first before deciding. They’ll  “also watch user reactions to the multi-shot format to determine whether users should get the option to share carousels as well.”

To read more about this new Instagram feature, TechCrunch has the full story here.

What are your thoughts on the new clickable Instagram ads? Is the “Learn More” call-to-action button engaging enough? Will brands and advertisers find value in this new feature? Please sound off in the comments.

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