Content Creation That Boosts Traffic: 4 Tips and 3 Strategies You Need

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These Content Creation Strategies Actually Help Your Business

If you own a business, have a website, and are trying your hand at social media marketing, it’s probably safe to assume that you are, or have at some point, struggled with creating relevant, quality content that gets shared. You may even have been searching for help with content creation strategies.

If you’re not using captivating images, engaging gifs, or sharable short-form, micro-format video like Instagram videos and Vines, you need to step up your game. Or hire a digital agency to create awesome, sharable, and relevant content to your current and future customers.


Step Up Your Image & Multi-Media Game

Ever wonder what kind of content gets shared the most on social media? It’s debatable and it also depends on who your fans and followers are and if your content is useful and relevant to them. You can bet that content with images or multi-media content gets higher levels of engagement.

Mediabistro reports that pictures on Twitter are retweeted 128% more times than videos. Did you know that blog articles with images generate 94% more views? If you see where I’m going with this keep reading, it gets better.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, your website’s SEO, functionality, look & feel, entire user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) should be your primary focus when considering a digital marketing strategy.

A website offering a poor user experience, be it poor navigation, unclear calls-to-action, a site that is not mobile responsive and adaptive, or one that loads slowly, will cause users to be frustrated, leave your site with a bad taste in their mouths, and find your competitor who offers them a much friendlier UX.


“46% of people say that your website’s design is their number one criterion for discerning the credibility of your company.”


This is why you need a comprehensive and well researched inbound content marketing and social media marketing strategy, coupled with a mobile responsive/adaptive and fully optimized (SEO) website before you plan any sort of digital marketing campaigns.


Your Content Creation Strategy Matters

You’re likely going to have an overall content strategy with separate goals for your website content versus your social media content. Both are significant and are tied into one another.

Before we get to the 3 content creation strategies that will help your business grow beyond your dreams, I’d like to list a few super quick and easy tips that will help your social media content creation strategy improve quickly.


1. Keep your URLs and your overall URL structure short.

While it might be useful to test long, natural URLs versus shortened URLs, use that for testing purposes only. It’s best to use Twitter’s default URL shortener of something like Google’s or


2. Timing really is everything.

It’s important to pay attention and track analytics on when most of our fans and followers are online. We’ve used tools like Tweriod and also use each platforms analytics tools.

Facebook’s Insights (Analytics) are extremely useful to our social media marketing efforts, and both Pinterest and Twitter just released new social media analytics tools.


3. I believe it’s ok to post often.

Then again, our client’s fans and followers like to engage with the content we produce for them, so it makes sense for us to keep posting often. It really depends on your business and the engagement you have with your social media followers.

Also important to consider is the subject matter of your content. I believe it’s always important to try and tie the content back to the client’s product or service, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Post often, but vary your content topics and don’t make it all about you, ever.


4. Monitor your brand and make an effort to engage with others.

If you’re only connecting to your fans and followers when they reach out to you, you’re missing the point.

We have a strict proactive engagement plan for each of our social media clients. It’s important to be out there regularly, reaching out to fans, followers, and prospects, in a friendly “social” way. Everyday.


The 3 Essential Content Creation Strategies You Need

We’re keeping this session simple. Quicksprout and Neil Patel are masters at keeping digital marketing tips simple and effective, so we’ll borrow from an Infographic posted on their site.

If you’re creating content to generate more traffic to your website or landing page, you need to consider 3 important, and essential, ingredients.

  1. Engaging images
  2. 3,000-10,000 words
  3. A compelling headline

The following 3 content creation strategies will help you increase readability of your website content, generate more social shares, and ultimately boost your website traffic.

Remember that all of this can also significantly help your search rankings and overall SEO.

3 Content Creation Strategies That Will Help You Prosper
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


The Wrap

While the above tips and content creation strategies may seem daunting, we can try to make it even simpler for you. There are two key strategies that can generate decent social shares.

Use list posts and infographic-related posts as this type of written content tends to get the more social shares.

At the end of the day, content creation is not an easy thing to get done properly. Once your content is created, you MUST optimize if for users and search engines before publishing and sharing it. There’s a lot to consider when creating your relevant quality content.


If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to create compelling, engaging, and useful content for your present and future customers, in order to create leads and drive traffic to your website, you’ve landed in the right place.

Please contact me today to set up an initial meeting and we can discuss your goals and how VPDM Digital can overcome your challenges, and help you grow your business, through our proven content creation strategies.


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