How To Make Content Marketing Drive Local SEO

Content Marketing For Local SEO

Content Marketing For Local SEO

How do you make your Inbound Content Marketing drive your local SEO strategy? Today, I’m going to share with you how I make creating content a sport, and how it helps my digital shop, and our client’s businesses get the most out of their Content Marketing for Local SEO.

I came across a useful Infographic from a content marketing company known as Brafton. It’s an excellent reminder of why your company needs a comprehensive content marketing strategy in order to achieve rock solid Local SEO.

For example, since 97% of consumers search for local business online, you’d think that every local business would want to be creating and optimizing useful and relevant content, that’s tailored to their specific audiences.

Creating customized marketing persons and crafting content that specifically solves a “problem” those persons are experiencing is not only the key to Local SEO for small businesses, it’s also the key to “new” SEO in 2014 and beyond.

If executed correctly, creating useful local content puts the focus on engaging your social media fans and followers along with your website’s visitors.


This means that not only will you generate local traffic, you’ll also be driving local leads.


4 Elements To Make Content Marketing Drive Local SEO

Google Analytics is an SEOs best friend. I’m really close with my GA platform. I seriously spend more time inside it than I do inside my own house. When you’re starting to lay out your plan for Local SEO and are developing a content strategy, start with your website’s analytics and dig deep.


Content Creation Cycle - Content Marketing


1. Find Your Local Audience

Where is your web traffic coming from? Use your analytics tools to identify leading local traffic sources.

Once you have that data, take a look and see which of the geographic communities that you’re currently targeting, need more local content to build your brand visibility and influence. You can then create optimized content that is specifically tailored to that community and its geographical area or neighbourhood.

Hyper local searches will use neighbourhood areas and even possibly neighbourhood slang. Your content should use the same type of vernacular as locals use. This leads me into the second element to make your content marketing drive your local SEO.


2. Modify You Keywords

You need to dress your on-page copy for success with copy known as geo-modifiers. For hyper local targeting add neighbourhoods or cities to your short and long-tail search terms. You should also make it a point to dig deeper and research to find more local keywords.

I’ve heard of some SEOs who use local industry forums to learn “local speak” by monitoring language used in regional industry forums. Alternatively, you can try using Google Insights for Search, which is a service by Google similar to Google Trends, that provides insights into the search terms people enter into the Google search engine.

Unlike Google Trends, Google Insights for Search provides a visual representation of regional interest on a country’s map. It displays top searches and rising searches that may help with keyword research. Results can be narrowed down with categories that are displayed for each search terms.


3. Research Topics to Create Local Content

We do this everyday at VPDM Digital. It’s a daily part of our social content creation and curation process. Not just for local SEO but also to boost our local content marketing strategy. Monitoring social networks, large news websites, and local forums are particularly useful for finding relevant local content that your local community is interested in, and likely searching for, online.

  • Local Twitter Trends: Simply change the location in Twitter’s trend tool and find topics sparking regional social conversations.
  • Google Rising Searches: This tool allows you to monitor local search activity via Insights for Search! You can then write content ahead of neighbourhood search trends. Cool right?
  • Local News: Do yourself a favour and subscribe, circle, or follow publishers who are covering local news. Use this resources as a way to create content aligning your business with local issues.
  • Local Forums: Here’s where you’ll go to “listen”. Pay attention to industry conversations in neighbourhood forums. You can reach out to address concerns and needs of local customers. You’ll also find awesome content ideas.


4. Measure, Rinse, Repeat

Regularly optimize and publish all your local content: news, blog articles, photographs, videos, and graphics. Then take a look and measure what content had the most impact and social amplification.

Figure out which pinches of this puzzle are attracting the most local traffic. Which one of these best supports your businesses goals? With that data, you can update and tweak your digital strategy based on measurable results and local trends.


The Wrap

Pretty much every customer searches for local products and services online. You may remember that as the yellow pages, which really no one uses anymore. If you operate a local business and you have competitors, and you’re looking to get an edge, your best bet is some rock solid local SEO, along with a comprehensive local content marketing strategy.

Understanding your local audience is of course key. Delve deep into your marketing personas, create news ones for each demo and each cohort. Then craft useful and relevant content for each segment.

You’ll want to use “local speak” in your content and appeal to the needs that you can satisfy. Research the phases locals are using when referring to neighbourhoods or specialty services in that area of the city.

Be aware of local events, happenings, special occasions, and use this to create relevant local content that people in your community are interested in. They will likely be searching for that local info online, and if they come across your useful, quality content, you may just generate a valuable lead.

How do you use content marketing for local SEO?

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