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Content Marketing VPDMSocial Media and Social Search are based on personal connections. A well optimized content marketing strategy can help you connect with your customers.

Our social media and content marketing strategy will ensure that your brand focus on building deeper connections with your customers and prospects.

We’re able to execute this through our proven holistic social media and content marketing strategy that includes active community management and content amplification.

Social Media is “always on” and so are we!

It’s essential that your brand create and publish high quality content and compelling images that resonates with your specific targeted audience. This content must  be designed, formatted and SEO optimized to increase social engagement and qualified website traffic.

We will take care of that for you based on a well researched and custom strategy.

We’re able to take these engaging relevant stories and convert each to SEO optimized website content.

Content Marketing VPDM


Your customers are searching for your product or service and you need to be found.

Social Media, Website Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Blogging, and other digital marketing tactics are strategies we’ve developed that have helped businesses reach their digital marketing goals.

We can help you build your content marketing strategy with a customized plan for content creation, content curation, SEO copywriting and editing, optimizing your images and social posts, and publishing and sharing your content through the appropriate channels.

The focus is on engagement, customer loyalty, and conversion. We can test and analyze your content and posting times for optimal benefit.


We will work together with your team to write, create and produce unique quality content, that will excite and engage customers enough to share with their friends through social networks.


Photos of your products or services

Video. Descriptive entertaining clips showcasing your competitive advantages

Blog Posts containing engaging and relevant stories optimized for search with the keywords you’re targeting.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns. We’ve had tremendous success implementing targeted and custom Facebook advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes. We can do the same for your business.

Podcasts. Produce a ‘how to” informational or instructional podcasts describing or highlighting your products and services.

Email Marketing. Increase traffic to your website and promotional landing pages with offers, information, and promotions. Read more on this service.


We’ll take a lifestyle marketing approach to your target demographic and research, create, and curate relevant content that is not your product or service but is relevant to the lifestyle demographics of your business and its customers.

However, we will curate that content into unique media for your website. Why would anyone curate useful content and link users from social media to the source, instead of your website?

This way, when we share curated relevant content on your social media platforms, users will always be linked back to to your website, not the source website.

Does your current digital marketing company do that for your business?

This content marketing strategy allows you to create a mutually beneficial relationship and bond with your customers as you’re not always talking about you and pushing your products and services.


Your content ALWAYS needs to be optimized for search engines as well as users.

Google puts increased emphasis on properly optimized images when determining search rankings.

VPDM will execute a customized SEO strategy with extensive keyword research to optimize all of your content (images, videos, blog posts, website) as well as your all social media posts (Social SEO).

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Benefits for your business

Increases brand awareness
Support for the formation of the company’s image or brand using the multimedia capabilities of social networking
SMO allows you to get feedback from potential and real customers to improve the quality of services
Increases audience loyalty
Formation of user confidence in the brand, product, company, achieved through the interaction within the social network
Base of potential customers
SMO allows you to build a base of potential customers for further conversion into real customers

Work process

Research of Social Networks
Strategy Development
Launch of advertising campaign
Analysis and conclusions

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We worked many-many time and got perfect result!


Work with us and get leadership!


We worked many-many time and got perfect result! Work with us and getting leadership!

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