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All businesses, whether they be large corporations or small to medium size enterprises (SME/SMB) need expert content marketing tips to help get their content to rank.

These forward thinking businesses are embracing a lucrative digital marketing strategy known as content marketing. Why not when you can generate new, highly qualified leads by creating relevant, high-quality content. About what you say?

Your job as an entrepreneur, business owner, and content marketer, is to create content that shows how your products and services can solve the questions, issues, and challenges that your targeted users face everyday, and search Google for answers.

Make it easier for your target to find your high-quality content!

A short, informational blog article, short-form how-to video or entertaining + educational podcast can get people’s attention. So how does this help you and your ecommerce business?

Remember, people are searching Google, likely right this very second, looking for a solution.

If your company provides the best solution, your content needs to be found, and easily consumed, so qualified users are able to engage with your company on the right social media platforms, and be led to convert on your website, or walk through the front doors of your business.

However, as “easy” as that may sound, in a world where 968 million people use Facebook every day, and where 500 million tweets are sent each day, it can be a challenge getting a potential customer’s attention.  

Google is a Referral Engine, Not a Search Engine
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Google is a Referral Engine, Not a Search Engine

If there’s one thing I’ve heard Vee say many times, it’s that we as marketers and businesses should think of Google as a referral engine and not just a “search” engine.

Think of it this way, if you asked a friend to refer a dentist or a mechanic to you they would give you a name of a business that they trust.  Same goes for Google.

When you enter a search term, or more specifically, ask Google a question, it’s algorithm will try and provide you with the best possible websites that provide the best possible answer.

By this logic, if you’re continually creating and publishing relevant, high quality content to your business website or blog, and users are consuming and sharing this useful content, your website has a better chance of showing up and ranking high in the search results for related search terms/topics.

Google is constantly changing their algorithm in order to provide users with the best possible search results. Moz says Google updates their algorithm up to 500 times/year. Recently, there was a Google Phantom update that caused a shift in rankings.  

As Vee points out in this article, most sites will feel some sort of impact from this Phantom update, especially if your site publishes weak and or thin content.  Now it’s more important than ever to put out useful quality content that Google will rank and in turn give you a referral.

So the question is how do you get Google to refer your content?   

Do Your Keyword Research. Very Well.

Keyword research can be a time consuming task and if you’ve been trying to avoid it, I can’t say anyone would blame you. Keywords are a fact of life on the internet.

If you ignore keywords, your competition can be taking advantage of those opportunities right in front of you.

Google Search Console can provide some content ideas you never thought of. The top 10 keywords can have very high numbers in terms of search traffic, but might also be competitive as far as content goes.

You might find some opportunities for great content with keywords that are under the top 10. Come up with a keyword strategy and make Google Search Console your friend. 

all about the details content marketing tips vpdm

All About The Details

Don’t just write about what you know. What’s more important is writing about what people want to read. For entrepreneurs writing business blogs or articles, it’s important that you pick an aspect that you know people are going to be enticed to read, make yourself an expert on it by doing the research necessary and then put your own creative spin on it.

As Neal Patel says “Making something longer and more detailed is the easiest way to make it better. According to an in-depth study by SerpIQ, the highest ranking pages are typically longer.”   It’s best not to tackle a huge topic all at once, but to break it down as much as possible.  

You might be able to get three or four articles out of that topic instead of just one. The more quality content you publish, the more webpages you’ll have which are indexed for your keywords and topics.

Putting as much quality, useful information as you can into your article is the best thing, not only for the user but this is also what the search engines are looking for.

Make It User Friendly. Always.

Try to keep your content as user friendly as possible. You don’t want to bog down the user with unnecessary clutter (i.e “friction”). You’ll want to make sure your content is easy to read and is visually engaging.  Keep your focus on your call to action and the goal you are trying to achieve with your content.

Aim to break up your content with headers, sub-headers. This provides a super valuable SEO opportunity and also helps your reader understand the flow of your content. Like you and I, people are busy. They want to read and/or skim quickly.

You should also edit to ensure you remove anything that doesn’t add value to your post. This is where less can be more in terms of your blog article. Remember white space is your friend.

Your hard work is competing against so much other content on the Internet, make sure when people find it they want to stay and read.

Include Links

Links are a great way to support and to source the claims you make in your article. Linking your post to material that supports your claims can add credibility, and the more data and references you can include, the more trusted your content will be.  

Links can also help with your SEO. Even using internal links from other material that you have already created. The key to an internal linking strategy is to have a great content marketing strategy. You can’t have one without the other.  

The more content you create, the more opportunities you’ll to link with. More links leading to more places means the better your linking strategy will be.

A survey was done with over 150 leading marketers who provided expert opinions on ranking factors. The survey was to gain insight into the factors that affect a website’s visibility in search engines. Link features such as quantity of links, trust and domain-level PageRank was found to be the top influence on ranking factor.

Always Add Images. It’s an SEO Opportunity.

They say a picture is worth thousand words, and when it comes to content marketing this is key. Images are a great way to make a post more interesting and to break up your text. It’s much easier to look at and consume a picture than it is to read huge blocks of text.  

images are an SEO opportunityAlmost any image is better than none.  Try to use something that is related to your content and helps get your message across.  You can try using any combination of:

  • Stock Images/Pictures
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Infographic
  • Videos

Graphs, charts and infographics can help you communicate important information. They can also be a cost effective way of producing images, you can typically just link to a source or create them yourself.  

Custom images are fantastic but can be expensive if you’re not a graphic artist. They will get you more social shares and backlinks, but take more time and resources.

There are tons of tools out there for creating and sourcing images for your content. For a complete guide for creating great images check this article from Kevan at Buffer.  


We are all pressed for time and content creation can easily be pushed to the backburner. It’s important to create habits that encourage you to keep producing great content.

Setting your own goals, such as writing one post a week, can help keep you on track and create material that will get your business noticed.  

Some of the key things that will help get your content noticed are:

  1. Do your Keyword research
  2. Put lots of detail in your content
  3. Make your content user friendly
  4. Include Links
  5. Add images

For more information or help with producing optimized, high-quality content that will get noticed, contact us to start your digital strategy.

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