Copy vs. Design: Where to Focus Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Creative Design Secrets: Why Copy and Design Matter

Copy vs. Design: Which is More Important?

What’s the most important part of your marketing strategy? This is a debate that’s been around since the dawn of digital marketing.

It can be hard to determine where your emphasis should be when you’re creating a strategy, but it’s important to be aware of these things when it comes to your budget and planning.

Your copywriter is just as vital as your graphic designer to your digital marketing team. But when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, which of these players is your all-star?

We’re squaring off to see who wins in this battle of the elements of marketing.

Creative Design Secrets: Why Copy and Design Matter

The Case for Compelling Copy

SEO writing is how your brand is going to get exposure when it comes to search engines and online browsing.

All of what we do as digital marketers is about conversions. Without a written message, it’s hard to get your audience to do what you want them to do. Are they supposed to go to your website and buy something? Follow you on Twitter?

There’s only so much you can say with an image, and your audience doesn’t want to have to figure it out for themselves. The key to getting conversions through social media marketing is to make it easy and consumable for your audience.

Too much to figure out? You’ve lost audience interest. Explain you call to action properly and your audience will follow through for you.

The Case for a Stunning Visual Design

On the flip side, in today’s world, images and visuals are how people communicate and connect. You’re not going to get your audience’s attention if you don’t have a visual that will stand out.

Basically, you can’t post anything on social media without an image to accompany it- even for organic posts. Images need to be creative and engaging so your audience will engage with your content.

Design has the power to elicit emotions from the audience within a few seconds of seeing an image. With copy, the audience has to read through and register what the words are saying before they can connect an emotion.

In that sense, design is better because it has an instant reaction and can be consumed within a few moments.

Of course, design is about more than just the images and the fun infographics. It’s about the layout, the colour palette, the logos, and the way that everything fits together.

Copy vs. Design: Where to Focus Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The Perfect Digital Marketing Team

So Who Wins?

The answer here is pretty clear. You can’t have one without the other.

Driving a car without a steering wheel will only get you so far before you crash or have to stop.

Sure, if you asked a copywriter what they thought they’d tell you that copy wins every time. Likewise, a graphic designer would tell you that it’s all about the visuals.

Your copy and your creative design should compliment one another and work as a team. One needs to reflect the other, and your creative team needs to be on the same page.

It’s like going for a job interview wearing a perfectly put together pantsuit, and then opening your mouth and spitting out verbal nonsense. Your appearance will get you in the door, but what comes out of your mouth won’t get you a callback.

Likewise, if you wear in a scruffy t-shirt to a professional interview, it won’t matter how amazing what you say is. You’re not getting the job either.

Building Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Spend just as much time and effort on your copy as you do on your design.

This can be hard when you’re working with clients who have small advertising budgets and can’t really afford to spend too much. But if they don’t get the right conversions, they won’t last.

Always focus your strategy on answering the customer’s questions. Before anyone makes a decision, they ask themselves one common thing: what will this do for me, or what will I get out of this? Your customer doesn’t care that your company is the best at what you do if you don’t tell them what you can do for them.

Think about this question, and figure out if you can answer it using with just the design. In some cases you might be able to, but it’s likely that you need both to be strong.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a huge chunk of your budget on it. Sometimes a simple design and short but effective copy is all you need to make an impact on your audience.

In fact, sometimes having too much content can have the reverse effect and can decrease your conversions.

Copy vs. Design: Where to Focus Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Match Your Copy to Your Design

The best way to win the digital marketing game is to make sure your copy and your design match, are on the same page, and convey the same point.

There are a number of ways to make sure of this. They might seem pretty obvious but sometimes the most obvious things can get overlooked.

Make sure your copy matches the design and the image that you’re using. Again, this might seem obvious but sometimes if your copywriter and your designer aren’t on the same page you could end up with two completely different types of content. You don’t want your message to clash.

For example, if you’re using a jumpy design or a choppy graphic that stands out and packs a punch, you’re not going to use a long piece of copy. You’re going to use something short and to the point, because you are clearly targeting an audience that prefers a fast pace.

You also want to pay attention to other minor details, like placement and tone of voice. Font is important as well.

Essential Tips for Digital Marketers to Improve Creative Design

So What’s the Bottom Line?

In reality, you need both copy and design to be strong in order for your advertisement to be effective. The design is how you grab your audience’s attention, and the copy is how you get them to convert.

At VPDM Digital Marketing, we can do it all. Let our team of content creators and visual design experts make your brand come to life. If it’s just a little advice you’re looking for, we can help with that too.

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