Creating Engaging Images for Social Media

Creating Engaging Photos VPDM Digital MarketingWhen it comes to social media and sharing content, images tend to outperform all other types of content. This is why it’s extremely important that your creative team is highly skilled at creating engaging images for social media.

According to a study by BuzzSumo, on average, social media posts with at least one image tend to be shared twice as much as posts without images. Even better, content with images tend to be viewed 94% more than content without images.

Why Use Visual Content?

Question Mark VPDM Digital MarketingCapturing attention and captivating the audience is more important than ever.

In today’s digital world, only 55% of people visiting websites spend less than 15 seconds actively reading content on a page.

This only further establishes the importance of images when sharing content on social media.

People are much more engaged with captivating images than with paragraphs of text.

But not all visual content is good content, and it’s important to understand how to create the most engaging images for social media marketing to get the most attention and interaction for your clients.

We wrote a useful post recently that will show you how to create engaging social media posts the easy way!

Once you’ve mastered these tips you’ll be able to create the most engaging images for your business or your clients in no time.

Create Social Media Templates

Each social media platform has specific specifications/sizes for images depending on their intended use. Understanding the maximum image dimensions and the maximum upload file size limitations is half the battle.

Once you know your image specifications/sizes it’s then important to choose an appropriate photo that will fit comfortably within all the dimensions, if you are planning to share the image across different platforms.

Creating a template to use for each of the different social media platforms is an effective way to keep a consistent message and design. And consistency can help the users understand and relate to the brand.

Choosing The Right Colour

Use Different Colours VPDM Digital MarketingColour has so much to do with the success or failure of an image. It’s so important, in fact, that colour theory has become a science all on it’s own.

Knowing what colours mean to your audience can help create a colour palette that is most suitable.

For instance, warmer colours like red, orange, and yellow tend to reflect passion, happiness, and energy.

Cooler colours on the other hand, like blue, purple, and green are often more subtle. Using cooler colours can help establish a calmness or professionalism in a design.

Of course, this is just skimming the surface. What evokes a reaction in one person, may not evoke the same reaction in another person. This is due to preferences and personal experiences that might change a person’s opinion.

Fonts That Match Your Message

Typography is one of the most important elements in graphic design. While you don’t want to use too much copy when sharing images on social media, knowing which typeface matches your message can be significant help.

Here are the types of fonts that are available to use and the appropriate use for each:

Typefaces VPDM Digital MarketingSerif:A serif refers to the line at the end of a stroke that’s generally found at the bottom of letters. This type of font is used for its legibility and are known to have more of a traditional feel.

San Serif: Unlike Serif, these fonts have no lines on the ends of strokes. These are often considered more streamlined and modern fonts. However, at smaller sizes these fonts tend to be harder to read than serifs.

Script: A script is a font that looks written and is generally known for it’s elegance. However, it should be used sparingly. Never use script for large chunks of copy as it tends to be more difficult to read.

Display: These are the types of fonts you generally tend to see on movie posters and are used to draw attention to a certain area of the design. While they can be highly legible, they should not be used in large quantities. Less is sometimes more.

Of course never be afraid to mix and match typefaces. While there are no absolute rules to follow, generally when pairing typefaces you should steer clear of using fonts that look similar. When pairing typefaces serifs and sans serifs tend to do well together.

Know Your Target Market

It may seem simple enough, but knowing the people you’re targeting your message to is an important step in creating images that will get the most engagement. Some images and messages are just not appropriate for certain markets.

Be sure to always be thinking about the end goal and the audience you’re delivering the content to. 

Use Grids

Graphic Designer Grids VPDM Digital MarketingDesigners are faced with problems to solve on a daily basis, and solving these problems can be much more effective with a grid.

Grids help to bring clarity and order to a design, allow you to design more efficiently, and lead to a consistent and harmonious design

Not only are grids applicable to graphic design, but photographers have even established a rule of thirds in order to create an aesthetically pleasing result.

The golden ratio is also something that every designer should know about. It’s a theory based on a mathematical principle called the Fibonacci Sequence. This sequence is found in many areas of nature, so much so that it’s said to cause an eye-pleasing effect when used effectively.

Some social media sites, Facebook in particular, can also be very picky about what kind of visual content is shared. When boosting a post for social media, Facebook will not allow posts that have more than 20% of the image being copy to be shared.

Using a grid to help keep this 20% rule in check in your designs helps immensely as images that don’t meet the 20% rule tend to be marked as spam.

Have Fun

While designing keep in mind these simple but effective tools to help deliver more engaging images. Creating engagement on social media in the end will spread more brand awareness and create more business.

And when you’re ready to start creating designs that will grab people’s attention and drive them to your website, contact us. Our team are pros in creating engaging images and copy sure to increase your social media traffic.

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