Make Your Email Marketing List a Home Run

Knock Your Email Marketing Campaign out of The Park

If digital marketing was baseball, social media would be a solid single, search marketing would be a double, but email marketing is a major home run. Plenty of research indicates that email marketing is the most effective driver of online sales, with the highest conversion rate by far.

But you aren’t going to be able to hit home runs without properly aiming them. Building and using your email marketing list the right way will ensure that the right people “catch” your emails and respond positively.

Use the email marketing tips below to make your email marketing campaigns a home-run.

Building Your Email Marketing List

Why not to buy an Email List
Why not to buy an email list
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The first step to managing an effective and profitable email marketing campaign is building your email marketing lists.

This means collecting the emails of qualified individuals who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

We DO NOT recommend buying an email list – the emails on it may be outdated, and will have no previous knowledge of, or trust in, your product.

Check out this helpful infographic that explains exactly why you should never buy email lists.

We do recommend offering sign-up forms throughout your website. Those visiting your website will obviously be interested in your business, hit them in the sweet spot – their inbox!

Try giving visitors to your website an incentive to subscribe to your mailing list. Create a piece of interesting content or a helpful tool that is free, as long as the user subscribes. 

Targeting Your Email Marketing List

Email List Targeting Tips
Make sure your emails are aimed at the right target

Once you’ve built your email marketing list, simply swinging away at it will not yield the best results.

You’ll want to to target your emails based on other data you’ve collected. You can segment your subscribers based on location, interests, demographics, sign-up date, last purchase date, and much more.

By creating segment-specific emails and appealing to your subscribers on a more personal level, you’ll show them you care about what they want, and boost your open and conversion rates.

Creating Your Marketing Email

When you’re writing and designing your marketing email, there’s a few important things to consider if you want your recipient to to round the bases from opening the email to converting on your website.

The first and most important aspect of your marketing email is the subject line.

This is the what every recipient of your email will see, and is the major factor in them deciding whether to open the email or hit the trash button.

Don’t be afraid to spend lots of time brainstorming and get lots of input when developing an engaging and eye-catching subject line.

When designing the layout of your marketing email, consider which device your users will be opening the email on.

In 2015, more email is checked on mobile devices than ever. That means easily readable text, and touch-screen friendly links and buttons.

Email Marketing List Mobile Statistics
More and more people check their emails on their phones

On the subject of email personalization  – use caution when implementing it. Seeing their own name in a marketing email can gain someone’s attention, but can also make them wary of you in today’s privacy-concerned world.

There you have it – three factors to make your next email marketing campaign a grand slam.

If you need a hand in crafting your email marketing strategy, contact us to get started today.

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