How To Create Engaging Social Media Posts The Easy Way

How to Make Every Social Media Post a Winner

Engaging Social Media Posts Aren’t Easy To Create

As social media marketers, we’ve all been there. It is time to schedule a post, and your mind draws a blank.

How do I make this post engaging? How do I make it click worthy? Am I using proper grammar?

We know the feeling, and it’s a drag.

So, we’re written down some tips and tricks, that we use at VPDM Digital Marketing to craft an engaging social media post.


How To Craft The Most Amazing Social Media Posts Ever!



A great title and thumbnail drive YouTube views
A great title and thumbnail drive YouTube views.

The title and the thumbnail, are the two most engaging features of a YouTube video.

The title is what first draws the viewer’s attention. By keeping it under 70 characters your video will receive the best search results from Google and YouTube. A well-worded title will draw the viewer in, and cause them to investigate further.

Which leads them to the thumbnail. When you upload a video, YouTube randomly chooses three screenshots, which may or may not, be the best representation of your video. So, it is best practice to create a custom thumbnail. A custom thumbnail will attract more overall clicks to the video.

Note: YouTube requires your account to be verified, and in good standing to be able to upload a custom thumbnail. To verify your account click here.      

Custom Thumbnail Tips:

  • Ideal size Social Thumbnail is 1280 X 720
  • A thin border can help the thumbnail pop
  • Add engaging text
  • Keep the style consistent across the channel
  • Make sure the thumbnail is still eye catching when scaled down

To increase your YouTube search rankings include keywords in your description, and in tags.

Then, once the viewer is watching your video, keep them hooked. Insert calls to action inside the video with annotations, or embedded videos. These tactics keep the viewer on your channel longer, by linking them to more of your videos.



Correctly sized images creates more engaging posts on Facebook
Correctly sized images creates more engaging posts on Facebook.

A Facebook marketing post has four main features that drive engagement:

  1. The Status– The status has to provide useful information to the user that makes them want to act further. How do you do this?
    • 80 or more characters tend to receive more engagement.
    • Ask questions. Post with question marks increase engagement by 23%.
    • Emoticons receive significantly higher share, comment and like rates.
  1. The Link – Sharing links on your Facebook page is a great way to increase website traffic, but it can clutter up your status, if not done properly.  Once the link populates in the viewer, delete the link from your status. Then, edit the link title. Always keep it under 100 characters, and as thought provoking and engaging as possible.
  1. The Photo – Posts with photos receive the most engagement on Facebook. Whether it is a link image, or newsfeed image make sure the image is eye catching, and sized properly. Nothing is more frustrating for the user than only seeing half of an image.
  1. Engagement – Crafting a great Facebook post is only half of the battle. Great posts get engagement, and that engagement needs to be acted upon quickly.

Brands that respond to their customers through social media humanize the brand, and foster a customer’s trust.



Twitter - The "sweet spot" is between 120 and 130 characters
The “sweet spot” is between 120 and 130 characters.

Twitter may say you have 140 characters, but really the “tweet sweet spot” is between 120 and 130. Tweets with 140 characters make retweets challenging, because they don’t allow room for your twitter handle to appear. Short and concise should be Twitter’s moto.

Yes, we did say to keep tweets short, but don’t skimp on grammar or punctuation. Making a tweet harder to read is not the way to increase followers on Twitter.

Instead, make a point of engaging. Mention other accounts, and Retweet related content. Reaching out to other Twitter accounts fosters a relationship, which could translate into customers and increased brand awareness.

Hashtags are also a great way for engagers to find you, but keep it to a maximum of two per tweet. Two hashtags have the greatest increase of engagement at 21%.



Pinterest is a marketing opportunity that cannot be missed.
Pinterest is a marketing opportunity that cannot be missed.

Pinterest isn’t just for crafters anymore, in fact 69% of people who go on Pinterest have a intention of purchasing products. That’s a social media marketing opportunity that cannot be missed.

On Facebook and Twitter, users are likely to connect with brands that already know, but on Pinterest they are becoming aware of new brands based on common interests.

Captivating Pinterest Pins are what draws the consumer to these new brands and encourages purchasing patterns.

What Makes the Perfect Pinterest Pin?

  • No human faces
  • Multiple colours (preferably red, dark green and pink)
  • Vertical, 2:3 or 4:5 works best
  • Colour over black and white

Once the pin draws them in, seal the deal, with a well written description. It turns out that Pinterest users like to read, with descriptions around 300 characters receiving the most engagement.

Once they click the pin, link them to the site. This increases site traffic, and hopefully a sale is on its way.



Continue the social media conversation with Google+
Continue the social media conversation with Google+.

Google+ may not be the most engaged of all social media platforms, but why not be a part of the conversation.

Google+ headlines should not exceed 60 characters for maximum engagement.

As always, creating the largest reach possible with every post is the goal. Do this on Google+ by tagging brands, utilizing hashtags, and engaging on trending topics. This all helps to have your posts seen.

Images also work well on Google+. Posts with photos tend to have more interaction, than those without. Just as on Facebook, image sizing is key. Create images at 800 X 600 for the best visual aesthetic.

Remember, Google + accounts are the first thing to show up in a visual graphic on the right when a user searches for a business in a Google search.

Engaging Social Media Marketing

Below is a visual representation of how to create the perfect social media post.

By following these simple tips, you should be writing perfect social media posts in no time, and a successful social media campaign will be right around the corner.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read so far, please feel free to connect with us on Twitter or email us to discuss your social media strategy.


How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

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