Why Facebook Advertising Campaigns Are Actually Awesome

facebook advertising options for local small business

If you know anyone who runs or owns a small business, or even someone who works in digital marketing, you’ve probably talked about Facebook advertising and the many Facebook advertising options.

Is Facebook an evil-genius, all-seeing, all-knowing corporation dead set on selling your personal information to the highest bidder? Not really. Should we respect their approach and the product they’re now selling? Heck yes.

Facebook Advertising Options Help Local Businesses

For the last decade or so, Facebook has been collecting personal information from their users. Where they live, their birthdays, their favourite movies, books they’ve read, places they’ve traveled, what they eat, who the idolize.. The list goes on. Did they do this against their users’ will? No way. Does this info help them offer lucrative Facebook advertising options to local small businesses?

As a social networking tool, we poured everything about our lives into our profiles, and loved every minute of it. Sharing your likes and dislikes in a massive, public forum has never been so easy. “Like” it or not, almost every click tells the Facebook robots something about you, and that information is insanely valuable.

Fast forward to 2015, the traditional advertisers (radio, television, newspaper and magazines) are in a panic. Marketing budgets aren’t what they used to be, and there are no guarantees with the traditional approach. That’s where Facebook and their targeted advertising options come in.

How Facebook Advertising Can Help Small Businesses


facebook advertising options and tips to help local small business
Facebook Advertising Options


For as little as $5, businesses can “Boost” their posts to new audiences, targeted based on geography, age, language, interests, hobbies and more.

Run a yoga studio in your small town? You can reach new potential customers by targeting men and women within a specific radius of your town who “Like” yoga, fitness, Lululemon, your local health food store, and whatever else you think your current customers are interested in.

The more money you choose to spend, the more people you reach. The better your targeting is, the more likely your boosted post is to be successful. We call these new audiences “qualified”, because they’re perfect candidates to become real, live customers!

The Benefits Of Social Media For Small Businesses

Unlike any kind of advertising before it, Facebook now offers small businesses the opportunity to reach their target market, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Imagine if the only commercials you saw on TV were for products similar to the ones you already buy, or for movies in your favourite genre, or restaurants who make your favourite food?

The key here is knowing your target audience. If you can define your demographic – no matter how specific or niche it may seem – you can reach those people on Facebook. And you can do it all without spending a fortune. Isn’t that awesome?

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