Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences: Why all Digital Marketers Should be Using Them

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If you’re a digital marketer, you’ve likely noticed a new targeting option for Facebook Custom Audiences.

This new targeting option is called “Engagement on Facebook.”

It essentially allows you to create a custom audience. But this audience is based on who engages with your videos, lead ad forms and Facebook Canvas.

Rejoice! This is wonderful news for your retargeting strategy.

Whether you’re a digital marketing guru or a beginner, utilizing the Facebook Engagement Custom Audience in your digital strategy will take it to a whole new level.

What are Facebook Custom Audiences, Anyway?

So, maybe you’re reading this and are just getting your feet wet with creating custom audiences. No problem! Let’s go over the basics.

Facebook Custom Audiences are a fabulous retargeting tool to use in your digital marketing strategy. They come in four different formats. When creating a custom audience, you have the option to choose between Customer File, Website Traffic, App Activity, and now, Engagement on Facebook.

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What Does Each Audience Mean?

The Customer File option allows digital marketers to upload data of customer information. You then use this information to create a defined audience to target in a marketing campaign.

For example, if you have a file containing a set of email addresses that are signed up for an email newsletter campaign, you can upload this information to create a custom audience that is targeted only to those people.

Website Traffic, on the other hand, allows digital marketers to create a defined list of people who have visited a specific page on a website. Awesome, right!?

This means that if you want to direct a social advertising campaign only to every person who has visited, let’s say, the contact page of your website, you can! Experienced digital marketers will tell you that retargeting campaigns are an essential component for any digital marketing strategy.

Much like the former options, App Activity will allow you to create a custom audience based on users who have taken a specific action on your app or game.

In essence, Facebook Custom Audiences is a tool used to create highly defined audiences. This is an essential component for your social marketing re-targeting strategy.

Now finally, the question of the day: What is a Facebook Engagement Custom Audience and why should you care?

The Do's and Don'ts of Any Digital Marketing Strategy

Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences 101

The Facebook Engagement option for creating a custom audience allows digital marketers to create a custom audience based on people who have engaged with you or your client’s content on Facebook.

Engagement is a fairly broad term, so let’s break it down. Facebook defines Engagement, in terms of custom audiences, as “actions like spending time viewing your videos or opening your lead form or Canvas.”

Thus, you can specifically re-target people with your social advertising campaigns who have engaged with your content.  You won’t spend unnecessary advertising budget on users who you don’t want to target with your ads.

The Facebook Engagement option can also be used to create a “Lookalike Audience.”

This means that you can create a specific audience that only targets users who are “similar” to those who have engaged with your content. Too cool!

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Why Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences Will Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now that you know what Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences are, it’s time to look into why this is important for you as a digital marketer.

Users are engaging with your social media content every day. They are viewing your page, engaging with your posts or advertisements, clicking on your CTAs and sending you messages. You can use all of these forms of engagement for targeting with Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences.

Not only can Facebook target users who are engaging in the ways mentioned above, but they can target these users from up to 365 days ago.

So why does this matter?

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This is the easy answer: any time you get the opportunity to re-target an audience, that is a good thing!

Let’s say you are scheduling a Facebook or Instagram advertising campaign and only want relevant users to see the ad. With Facebook Engagement Custom Audiences, there is no guessing game when creating an audience. These users have already engaged with your page and content before.

Sure, you may have been able to retarget these users through a Website Traffic Custom Audience. But what about the users who weren’t ready to click off the page? Now, we can target users who may not have gone as far as clicking through to your website.

Let’s put it this way. Have you ever clicked through to a website to look at a pair of shoes and then suddenly found yourself followed around by advertisements promoting those same shoes, or something similar?

Well now we, as marketers, can retarget users who may have engaged with content but weren’t ready to click. How fun!

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The Wrap

As digital marketers, we know that retargeting campaigns are essential for any digital marketing strategy. Facebook Custom Audiences has made retargeting fairly easy for those familiar with the tool.

The good news is that Facebook is continuously adding new tools, like the Facebook Engagement Custom Audience option. These tools allow us to take our retargeting campaigns up another level!

At VPDM, our expert digital marketing team have developed and implemented successful retargeting campaign strategies that work.

If you need help getting started with your digital marketing strategy or have questions about Facebook Custom Audiences, contact us today!

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