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Businesses Manage Client Expectations With the Help of Facebook Pages

With the ultimate goal of getting brands to conduct more business on Facebook, a new range of Page features have recently been released by Facebook. The new features have been designed to help businesses better personalize their Pages and improve the overall customer experience.

Page Responsiveness Options

When Facebook first introduced the page responsiveness functionality back in August, the parameters which needed to be met in order to receive a “Very Responsive” badge were quite restrictive.

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Very Responsive Facebook Badge

In order to receive the “Very Responsive” badge businesses needed to respond to 90% of messages and have a median response time of less than five minutes. As you can imagine, for some businesses achieving this was simply not possible under certain circumstances.

Now Facebook is taking this functionality a step further by adding Page responsiveness options. As of the beginning of this month all Facebook Pages are be able to set the average time it takes for customers to receive a response to their inquiries.

The new options allow Admins the choice of displaying their response time to “within minutes,” “within an hour,” “within a day,” or automatically showing the average response time.

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This new feature will better help customers manage expectations for their response times, even if the business typically respond in a shorter period of time.

When someone contacts your business the new Page response time will also appear in Messenger threads, helping customers get a better idea of when they can expect a response.

Facebook has also added an “away” functionality that allows Page admins to set their status to away. This away status will be visible on your Page and inform visitors that you are unavailable to respond to messages.

This helps address the problems those businesses face who operate in multiple timezones. When this feature is enabled, messages that the Page receives do not count towards the Page’s response rate.

In addition, Facebook has added “Instant Replies” and “Away Messages” which allows Page admins to send automated responses.

New Page Inbox

Facebook has also added new functionality to the Page inbox to help businesses better their interactions with customers.

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Message Inbox for Facebook Pages

The new Facebook Pages inbox displays additional information on each message thread. This allows Page admins to see past interactions from that person’s profile in addition to being able to make notes about each person.

This will make it easier for businesses to keep track of clients preferences and purchase history, allowing for a more interactive and personalized experience for the client.

Tracking Comments

Facebook Pages new activity tab allows for businesses to track comments on a Page. The activity tab gives Page admins the ability to flag interactions for a follow up, reply privately, or mark interactions as done.

This will help admins keep track of comments that still need responses and eliminate the possibility of skipping over any comments.

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Facebook Pages Message Inbox

Ever Changing Expectations

With the ever changing environment that is social media, it’s no doubt that expectations of customers are changing. Customers have come to expect faster responses and more personalization in their interactions with businesses.

With the introduction of these new tools on Facebook, businesses will be able to manage expectations and create a more personalized interaction. It’s certainly a great starting point in a trend that is likely to be around for some time. 

The Wrap

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