Facebook Video Update Enhances User Video Experience

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Time For Your Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

With some announcements made recently, Facebook’s video experience is kicking it into high gear and ready to take on YouTube. Is your facebook video marketing strategy ready?

YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, and obvious leader in video viewing, Facebook intends to have their new designs resemble YouTube more closely than ever before.

You Can Now Multitask With Facebook Video

Look out YouTube, Facebook is coming for you!

With several of the key feature native to YouTube’s mobile app are now coming to Facebook Videos. One, which users will be familiar with, the most notable feature- the ability to collapse a video into a floating window.

This exciting news will allow the Facebook experience to become a platform perhaps far more engaging than YouTube.

Now, watching videos won’t take you away from interacting on Facebook— they’ve become part of the experience.

Facebook Floating WIndow - VPDM Digital Marketing Niagara
Facebook Floating WIndow

The floating window feature will allow you to continue using Facebook while simultaneously watching a video, which is what we all enjoyed about YouTube right?

Facebook Declares War on YouTube

This isn’t the first time Facebook has mocked a feature from YouTube. In 2014, Facebook began testing “YouTube like” video channels along with featured video pages for Brand Pages.

The Facebook “Featured Video” channels also came with “Playlists,” eerily similar to Google’s YouTube. By adding this engaging feature, this brought You Tuber’s back to Facebook. 

Will enhancing the viewing experience this time around send users back again?

How to Expand Your Marketing Reach With Facebook Video

When a video is done playing, a new feature being tested on the iPhone will display a set of suggested videos for you to choose from next. This allows for “binge” watching Facebook videos only, and to boot videos that are in your relative searches!

Facebook Video Expands Your Reach. VPDM Digital Marketing Toronto.
Videos Reach More Fans

If you’re really in the mood for watching videos, you’ve come to the right place! Facebook has added a new dedicated video feed, will act as what users know as a “News Feed,” using nothing but videos. Learn more about the video experience here.

Facebook’s new feature can be very lucrative for your business. Although they are in early stages of testing the update, this feature has led to people watching way more video content, which is fantastic news for the publishers!

This will be a new way to successfully market your business.

Facebook Metrics Help Your Marketing Strategy

With Facebook’s new video experience predicted to exceed expectations, their “Video Metrics” feature will become more in handy than ever before.

Page owners are able to view metrics that provide insight on both organic and paid videos uploaded directly to Pages.

Facebook Metrics Help Target Audience.

The “video view” of three seconds or more, including auto-play videos as users scroll through and “clicks to play video” will help answer your initial questions of: “How long are they watching the video?” or “How many views did it get?” when it comes time to measuring the success of your video campaign.

Facebook Video Metrics. See how you video is played.

Facebook reports also give a detailed breakdown, including demographics, in order to properly target an audience and create personas. Read up on metrics to utilize the feature to its full potential. 

The Wrap

Facebook has grasped the idea that viewing experience is super important and using video is an awesome form of media to help brands of all sizes amplify their message through engaging content marketing.

Using Facebook as a platform to jump-start your marketing strategy, where millions of users are already engaging, the chances of your campaign being successful sky rockets.

Facebook Like. Facebook Video Enhances Viewing Experience. VPDM Digital Marketing.

In the generation of multitask-ers’, users are always looking for ways to keep doing what they’re doing, while doing something else.

So, if you can’t beat em’, join em’… and do it better?

With the video features full launch expected sometime in the near future, only time will tell if the Facebook update enhances video experience better than YouTube.

Facebook has proven that they are a reliable source to market your business, products or services.

When you’re ready to explore Facebook advertising, contact VPDM Digital Marketing to create your digital strategy!

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