Making Sense of Your Facebook Video Metrics, Engagement and Analytics

Facebook video metrics and Facebook analytics are important for your digital marketing strategy.

How Facebook Video Metrics Can Help Your Social Media Marketing

Are you using your Facebook video metrics and other Facebook analytics data to help amplify your brand on social media?

Facebook is the ultimate platform that all digital marketers should be utilizing. Sharing videos on Facebook in particular is a great and effective way to get your audience to engage with your brand.

If you’re not already using Facebook video in your online video marketing strategy, this article will quickly let you know why you should be. Understanding Facebook analytics is useful only if you understand your Facebook video metrics.

Here are some of the reasons why you or your social media advertising company VPDM Digital Marketing on Instagram should be doing this right now.

Facebook’s New Video Metrics Show The Importance of Video 

Facebook is the most useful app for video marketing.Thousands of videos are shared on Facebook every second. The ability to upload videos directly to Facebook has dramatically increased the amount of videos that are easily spread over the Internet.

Every day, there are about 8 billion video views per day on Facebook. There are just over one billion active users on Facebook. That means that each user is watching more than one video a day.

Videos also have a significantly higher organic reach on Facebook than photos or text posts. In fact, it’s about 135% higher. That’s a significant number for us digital marketers.

Smart phone users easily capture video with high resolution cameras.

Online Video Metrics & Facebook’s New Features

Facebook video metrics had some useful features before it rolled out the newest update. Now, it’s even better.

Originally, Facebook would show page owners key information such as how many people watched with the sound on or off, the average number of minutes watched, and total views.

The most important new metrics that digital marketers should be paying attention to are changes to audience demographics, live video engagement, and views from shares.

Audience Demographics

Facebook now lets you see more details about the audience that engages with your posts. You can find out age, gender, geographic location and how many seconds of the video each user watched.

You can find this information in the “Audience and Engagement” section of Video Insights.

Live Video Viewer Engagement


Smartphone users share 8 billion Facebook videos daily.The older Facebook video metrics let you track how long people watched your video. But the new metrics give you even more details.

You can now see which parts of your video kept your audience’s attention the longest.

In addition, you can track reactions, comments, and shares for live videos at the specific time during the video that they happened.

Before, you could really only see how many viewers you had during each section of the broadcast.

This information is also found in the “Audience and Engagement” section.

Views From Shared Videos

This is an incredibly important metric that will be vital to your Facebook marketing strategy.

48% of Facebook users watch videos because they were shared from a friend. This means that half of your video’s audience is going to come from shares.

You have to know the metrics from shared videos in order to properly analyse how your video is doing for engagement and click-throughs.

In “Minutes Viewed” and “Viewed,” you are now able to see how many people viewed your post via cross-posting or shares.

Facebook's 1 billion users view Facebook video content daily.

The Importance of Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Regardless of what industry you or your clients are in, video will always be more effective for sales.

Roughly 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product online after seeing a video. 50% of people who see a video will look for more information about the product or service. These are significant numbers.

Make videos work for you. You don’t have to spend your entire marketing budget hiring a professional company to craft some professional videos to put on YouTube. If you have the budget to do this, by all means go ahead. But have some fun with it.

Video Marketing Ideas

There are tons of options to choose from when you think about making a video for your website, social media pages, or advertisements.

You could give people a walk through of a product, do a tour of a location, or even have some fun and show your audiences what it looks like behind the scenes of your operation.

The point of using social media for marketing is to create a conversation, communicate and directly engage with your audience. This is done by producing content that audience is going to relate to, watch, or talk about with their friends and peers.

Comedy videos get the most engagement and get shared the most out of all the types of videos out there. News and music are the second most popular types of videos. Use one of these genres to your advantage.

Facebook live video and video chat are new and effective features of social media marketing.

Facebook Live Video

By now you’ve probably heard about Chewbacca Mom. She became viral on Facebook after she posted a live video of herself trying on a Chewbacca mask she’d just purchased. Her video went so viral it’s become the most shared Facebook video of all time, with over 150 million views.

Chewbacca Mom, real name Candace Payne, has earned $420,000US to date in gifts, donations, and even scholarships. The moral of the story? People love videos.

Facebook live video is quickly becoming one of the best tools to use for Facebook marketing strategy. It’s exciting, engaging, and gives people the idea of immediacy due to its live nature.

If viewers liked your live video, they can subscribe to your page and be notified when your next live video will be. This is a great way to keep people coming back to your page and getting your name out there.

The average audience spends 3 times longer watching live videos than they do on previously published videos. This means that you can get more people to engage with your live content for longer than if you re-post an older video.

There’s only one drawback to using Facebook live video. It’s live. That means anything could happen. For example, this radio station did a live Facebook video featuring a little pig, only to have the pig defecate on the floor in the middle of the broadcast.

All this means is that you’ll have to be careful about what kind of video you’re posting and what could potentially happen. Have fun and roll with it!

Viral Facebook Videos Make Extremely Successful Campaigns

So many social media trends and campaigns have used video to share messages and get people to participate. This can really do some good and raise money for important causes.

Viral Facebook marketing trends are successful and benefit your brand.We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge. To raise money for ALS awareness and research, Facebook users were asked to post a video of themselves in their bathing suits having a bucket of ice water dumped on their heads. They then had to nominate 3 of their friends to take the challenge.

The Ice Bucket Challenge went viral. It raised so much money for ALS research that scientists had enough funding to discover a new gene linked to the disease. The money also helped to fund 5 other ALS research projects.

The newest trending Facebook viral video campaign is the 22 Pushup Challenge. Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, friends nominate one another to complete the challenge.

It’s estimated that 22 U.S. veterans commit suicide every day, so the goal is to do 22 pushups to raise awareness for veteran suicide and mental illness. Celebrities like Chris Pratt and Captain America himself, Chris Evans, have taken part in this campaign.

These challenges raise money for great causes and can be used as an example of how fast you can go viral if your video campaign is good enough.

Smartphones allow users to take videos anywhere and upload them to Facebook on the spot.

Important Tips for Using Facebook Video Marketing

We’re not saying that you have to create the next Ice Bucket Challenge. But we can learn a lot from these internet video success stories.

  1. Get to the point. The average audience only watches a video for about 15 seconds.

In today’s world, everyone has what us digital marketers call “sitcom syndrome.” We’ve been conditioned to be given information at once, within short periods of time.

Since most people don’t finish the video all the way through, and many barely make it halfway, you’ll need to make sure that your point gets across as early as possible.

This can be tricky, because you want an engaging video for those that stick around for the whole thing, but you also want people to get the message before they click off the page.

2. Use subtitles and don’t rely on sound. Statistics have shown that 85% of Facebook users watch videos without the sound. Why, you ask? It’s all about the demographic.

Think about the times that people are scrolling through Facebook. They could be bored in a meeting or a class, in a loud public place, or even while they’re at home watching television.

More people watch Facebook videos on their phone than on desktop.3. Optimize for mobile. 92% of mobile users share videos. YouTube has also reported that mobile video view numbers rise by 100% every year.

You want to target mobile users by making your video visually appealing. Use subtitles, but don’t throw out a whole jumble of text that someone is going to have to squint to see.

4. Give your audience something for them. Don’t make the video all about you and your brand or your product.

In Facebook video marketing, or marketing videos on any social media platform, it’s important to give your audience something they can take away from your video. Show them something they want to see, and tie it into your brand afterward.

Users aren’t going to want to share something on their personal news feed that simply just promotes a brand. But if you have something in the video that benefits them, they just might do so.

For example, Android’s video campaign “Friends Furever” showcases a series of charming clips of animal best friends with the tagline “Be together. Not the same.”

This works because everyone loves cute videos of animals. In this video, the animals are the focus, which keeps your audience engaged because they get to watch cute clips.

You can plug your brand at the end, or wherever you want, but always make sure it’s not the entire focus.

Hundreds of users across the world sign up for Facebook regularly.

The Wrap

Incorporating Facebook video, especially live video, into your digital marketing strategy is the best way to engage with your audience. People love videos, and are eager to share them with others.

Videos are the future. Mark Zuckerberg himself said that within 5 years Facebook will likely be mostly video. So get on top of this trend now, while it’s still early!

If you need help figuring out your own digital marketing strategy, contact VPDM today. We are leading social media marketing experts who can get your videos to spark the engagement you want.

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