Brand’s Can Now Make a Facebook Video Playlist Just Like on YouTube

Facebook adds video channels and playlists like YouTube
Facebook adds video channels and playlists like YouTube

Facebook declares war on video engagement by introducing video channels, view counts, and playlists for Pages. Elsewhere, many YouTubers are now thinking about making a return to Facebook!

Facebook to YouTube: “It’s ON!”

Sh*t just got real in the digital war for user engagement. Facebook has just thrown down on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine, and largest free video streaming service.

Facebook is now testing YouTube-esque video channels along with featured video pages for brand Pages. These new Facebook “Featured Video” channels also come with “Playlists”, eerily similar to Google’s YouTube.

From what I’ve read through scanning social media platforms, the whole look and feel of these new Facebook video playlist and channels is pretty much the same as what YouTube offers. The aforementioned featured videos and playlists, along with the usual details we’ve come to expect such as the video length, view count, number of ‘likes’, and of course thumbnails, are all present.

According to TechCrunch, so far, only ABC News and NYTimes are testing this lucrative feature. You can see more of the example below on the ABC News Facebook Page.


Facebook Video Playlist and Channels


The rest of us social media agencies, managers, consultants, businesses and will need to wait a little longer, as I’ve also read that all Pages will get this new Facebook video page design automatically.

If you chose not to select a featured video or create (and share) a playlist, your videos will simply show up on a list with titles, video length, number of likes and views. But why would you do that?

Create a series of useful and engaging videos that show how your business helps people solve whatever issue your product helps solve. Then publish them everywhere, including on to your new Facebook Video Channel! Remember to share appropriately and more than just once.


Facebook Is Serious About Business

Facebook is seriously thinking log term growth and are very serious about not only video consumption but in helping business market on their platform in general. Let’s take a quick look at just some of what the mega social media platform has done recently:

1. Dec 24, 2014: Facebook Signs Up The NFL And Verizon To Test Ads That Play After Video Clips. (source)

2. April 23, 2013: Facebook Challenges Yelp With Mobile Pages Redesign Featuring Actions, Local Biz Details, And Ratings. (source)

3. December 11, 2014: Facebook’s Trending feature released on Android, iOS to soon follow. (source)

Facebook knows video is a super awesome form of media to help brands of all sizes amplify their message through engaging content marketing. They know that businesses use video as a tool to jump start their content marketing strategy.

The video marketing challenge between social media sites is on. May the best platform win.


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