Want Better User-Centric Insight? Check Out These New Google Analytics Tools

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Since Google analytics was introduced 13 years ago, its platform has changed the game for marketers in terms of how user engagement is promoted, tracked and measured.

In an article released by Google, they said that 90% of marketing executives say that understanding user journeys across channels and devices is critical to marketing success.

The slogan of Google Analytics is to improve the customer experience with digital analytics. They’ve been on the cutting edge of tracking audience behaviors lately, by adding 4 additional platforms to measure user-centric insight.

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Why Is This Important To Marketers?

Google Analytics is arguably the top tool for measuring campaigns in real time, providing data results to help you learn about your audience base. It provides you with key information about who is visiting your site, how they got there, how long they stayed and what they came looking for.

Now more than ever, it is extremely important to understand the demographics of your brand. The way people communicate and consume information is ever-growing and always adapting to the latest social platforms.

Therefore, as marketers, we must stay on top of the way consumer behaviour is evolving for optimal success. The user wants to feel a personal connection to their brand. This is done through a customized and often targeted advertising strategy that is based on their buying behaviours.

Measuring The Customer Journey

How do we really understand our consumer demographic you ask? Through measuring the customer journey.

Google analytics is releasing four new tools to help you get the most out of your audience insights. This is extremely beneficial knowledge to help further the success of your brand.

We have put together a guide to understand exactly how these new functions will work and how it will be of use to you!

1. User Focused Reporting

The new updated version of User Reporting now includes a “users” section, in addition to the previous “sessions” section. This new feature allows you to get super detailed in the outgoing engagement.

You can see how many users are visiting your website from paid search, along with viewing the sessions.

Therefore, this allows for better user data.

How To Get It?

Admin > Property Settings and then choose the toggle switch labeled Enable Users In Reporting.

Then the data will be enabled in your report for you to view.

Want to take the data a step further? Programs such as Active Users, Cohort Analysis and Lifetime Value provide an even deeper analysis.

2. User Explorer

The new User Explorer tool allows you to view the lifetime metrics and dimensions down to every user. Based on the lifetime of their cookie, data for every single, individual user can be accounted for. This includes their transactions and overall revenue.

Also, this feature gives you the ability to go back and see a user’s total number of transactions on your website, along with when their very first visit on the site was, and what channel brought them to you.

You can have it, this new tool is already available in your Google analytics page.

3. Audience Reporting

The new audience reporting feature allows you to better understand your audience base as a whole. Now, any audience can be published to a report in Google Analytics without having to be created and published on other platforms such as Google Adwords.

Also, the new audience platform gives you to view a cross-channel platform report. This allows you to get intricate buying details of your consumer base.

It’s recommended to view the support page to learn how to follow the requirements and set-up Audience Reporting.

4. Conversion Probability

Conversion Probability is Google Analytics newest innovation. This metric gives insights as to the probability a user will make a transaction on your website in the future.

This data is formulated by taking data from past transaction to measure the likelihood of the user buying again. This conversion probability is subjected to a dimension in your specified date range.

In addition, the conversion probability report shows data for all your users across different dimensions.

This feature, developed by Analytics Intelligence, is the first of its kind to show how probable a transaction is for users. This allows you to create better audience experiences.

This metric plans to launch within the next couple months.

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The Wrap

If you’ve found that you want to dabble more in Google Analytics, we recommend considering doing your Google Analytics IQ Exam. This is a great way to become familiar with the program if you’re a beginner or just a way to improve on the knowledge you already have of the program.

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